Sunday, March 8, 2009

Us Or Them....Walk Away From Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico


Let us be real, life and survival in this Great World Recession/Depression comes down to allocation of limited resources. Where do we spend the money we have, and where do we cut our loses and leave. American can turn around our own fortunes by pulling back, and pairing up with our closest allies.

1. Illegal Aliens...most of them come from Latin American countries, with the biggest offender being Mexico. Simply stated, secure our Border with Mexico, deport all Illegal Aliens and let Latin American countries take care of their own. It is us or them, and a lot of the financial woes on Main Street for the average American worker can be traced right to Illegal Aliens.

2. Simply stated...we spend to much of our Federal Budget on the Military, on the Pentagon and making war. If the rest of the world, if the United Nations are not concerned with Irag, Iran and Afghanistan, why should we be. It is time for America to take care of Americans. Let's pull our troops out of Iraq COMPLETELY, lets pull everyone out of Afghanistan. We can then cut military spending by a large percentage, and revamp our forces as a strategic North American Defense Strike Force capable of delivery massive damages around the world with Superior air power...hard to attack us as a nation if you cannot land your forces. It does not pay to be the world's police force...let someone else play the part for awhile as America rebuilds its manufacturing infrastructure.

America needs to strengthen our relationships with nations that think like we do, that respect human rights in a fashion similar to ours. These nations need to band together to form the most powerful trading and intellectual property block in the world. East and West Germany, England, Italy, France, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Israel come quickly to mind, though there are many others. The Middle East...lets be honest...all we have ever really wanted from them is their oil, and they have shown they will sell said oil to the highest bidder. Fact is, ones ability to pay has everything to do with being THE ECONOMIC LEADER OF THE WORLD...surely China has taught us all that lesson? We are partially where we are as a result of letting the great sleeping dragon seduce us into out sourcing our manufacturing capabilities to this communist nation in the name of CHEAP PRICES...look where that got us! Time to take back what is ours, and let China close back in on itself for another 500 years or so. (How quickly could we militarily free Tibet if we cut China out of the trading circle?...for that matter, Russia could easily be slapped into shape if they are left with no choice...olay by our rules, or throw your chips in with a now SHUNNED China)

By the way...our debt with China...I would suggest we STOP PAYING INTEREST, default on the loans and cut a deal. Us or them...if we as Americans have to make a choice, and we do, sorry but China can go to hell as far as I am concerned. Maybe the crashing of their entire economy will force them to address their completely OUT OF CONTROL POPULATION, bring their numbers significantly down under one billion. By the way, before any one gets their panties in a knot...the entire world population needs to be brought down under 2.5 Billion if we are going to reverse Global Warming and have a sustainable world Economy.