Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just in from Main Street Revolution News, a Strike Force Publication:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Write Your Elected Officials In Washington DC

People in this crowd picture from a AMNESTY Protest who are in America Illegally are not undocumented Citizens/Immigrants, but common low life criminals...ACCEPT THAT FACT OBAMA!

Again Senator Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have placed the desires of Illegal Aliens ahead of the desires and needs of Legal American Citizens who find themselves out of work, struggling to feed their families while CRIMINAL COMPANIES here in America still employ over seven million criminal illegal aliens. We are asking our readers to use the following template to write their elected officials in Washington DC. Demand full long term funding and implementation of E Verify, and demand that President Obama give Secretary's Holder and Napoliano their marching orders. Take all necessary steps including major work place enforcement raids to round up illegal aliens, and to prosecute those who hire them.

Dear Member of Congress:

I am writing today to urge you to join the over 75 other lawmakers who are demanding that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama restore the provision to the massive stimulus bill that prevents taxpayer stimulus jobs from going to illegal aliens. When 12.5 Million Americans are out of work, there is no excuse for giving Illegal Aliens over 300,000 Stimulus Jobs.

The Democratic leadership, by removing the "Buy American" and "E-verify" provisions of the stimulus bill, are sending a clear message that the American people are not who they serve. They are sending the message that foreign interests, lobbyist and Corporate America dominate Washington, not "We The People of the United States".

It is time for members of Congress who take the Constitution seriously, to demand that illegal aliens do not receive stimulus employment at taxpayer expense. We Legal Main Street Americans have escalating unemployment and foreclosures, are having trouble feeding our families, and it is simply treason to give our jobs, our health and well being to illegal alien criminals.

Please join forces across party lines to demand that no taxpayer stimulus jobs go to illegal aliens currently in America. Make E Verify the law of the land, and demand Work Place Enforcement.