Saturday, March 7, 2009


OK, have sat here listening to the so called EXPERTS on CNN as they doled out their advice to people in UPSIDE DOWN MORTGAGES...what I came to realize, is these so called experts are spewing forth the SAME OLD GARBAGE, telling us we should keep trying to hang on, should keep making our payments and trying to protect our Credit Rating. They are ALL FULL OF SHIT. Look folks, we PLAYED BY THE RULES, and now Obama are counting on us to continue playing by the rules...I say the time has come to REBEL, time to throw away the rule books and TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

The Economy is CRASHING, CASH IS KING! First steps...stop paying your mortgage. Wall Street and the Banks crashed the real estate industry, they put us in our upside down mortgages. So why should we keep paying out on a UPSIDE DOWN MORTGAGE, why should be stay in homes that ARE OVER PRICED for the GOOD OF THE NATION! SORRY, but start preparing yourselves to walk away....right now, renting is the way to go! It is a shoppers paradise, and it is unlikely we are going to recoup for at least TEN YEARS.

A) It makes no sense for you to keep paying an upside down mortgage for ten years when if yo walk away you can rebuild your credit in 3-7 years.

B) Making mortgage payments in an upside mortgage for ten years is throwing GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD, so unless President Obama and Congress are going to give us a THIRTY PERCENT WRITE DOWN, the time has come to prepare yourselves to WALK AWAY.

BURY CASH...then declare bankrupcy. This means you need to stop having direct deposit of your payroll checks, but instead get the paper check AND CASH IT. Sure the banking system will not like this, but the time has come for Average Americans to say ENOUGH ALREADY. We have been screwed by Wall Street, the banking industry and our government...we DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING! They either come to the negotiatiing table, and meet our demands, or we CRASH THE ENTIRE ECONOMY, CRASH THE GOVERNMENT AND START ALL OVER.


1. E verify is IMMEDIATELY implemented for all current and future employees.
2. All Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies are deported.
3. Credit card interest is capped at 8.5 percent.
4. All citizens will be allowed to by pass the banks and get a FIRST HOME MORTGAGE from the government at 3.5 percent interest after income verification shows we can meet our financial obligations.
5. All refinanced mortgages will have a 30 percent write down.
6. 30,000 MILITARY TROOPS on southern border with Mexico, and strong INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT OF OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS as written.
7. All Federal Government Employee Retirements will be CUT BY 30 percent.
8. All IOU's to the Social Security Fund will be paid by making and across the board budget cut of the Military of 25 percent, and said budget will then be frozen until Social Security Fund can meet its obligations to 57 Million Boomers.

FACT...Main Street Americans in upside down mortgages number into the Millions...if we walk, we CRASH THE ECONOMY and our GOVERNMENT. The time of Corporate BAILOUTS is is time for a MAIN STREET BAILOUT, or a MAIN STREET WALK OUT...your call OBama...and another thing...FUCK YOUR HEALTH CARE REFORM WHICH IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MEANS TO GIVE 12-25 million ILLEGAL ALIENS HEALTH INSURANCE. As to all the 20 somethings without health insurance...DEAL WITH you think WE BOOMERS had health insurance at your age?


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