Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama's Heath Care Summit-Boomer Genocide, Health Care Holocaust

Dear Mr. Obama:

I have two key questions in regard to your Health Care summit, and a couple of minor ones.

1. Would your Universal Health Care plan provide coverage for the 12-25 million illegal aliens currently in America?

2. Would these same Illegal Aliens get coverage through a backdoor should you go ahead with your wrong sighted plan to give criminal illegal aliens AMNESTY?

Of less importance, but deserving of an HONEST ANSWER...something you and your administration seem incapable of giving.

3. Is it true that your plan for Universal Health Care coverage will actually greatly LIMIT AND RATION health care for the 75 million Boomers getting ready to retire? Further, doesn't this rationing of Health Care amount to government sanctioned Boomer Genocide?

4. Is it true that those of us who do have coverage will lose many of our policy benefits, including speficially our prescription drug plans?