Friday, March 6, 2009

Decapitated College Students Enjoying Spring Break In Mexico

Is Spring Break In Mexico WORTH IT?

Watching CNN, and they are ringing the alarm, informing College Students that traveling to Mexico for Spring Break could see them getting DECAPITATED! Hello Americans...STAY OUT OF MEXICO, visit your own American Beaches instead! Spring Break in say Key West will allow you to get that tan without losing your head!

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Justice Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has taken the unusual step of urging college students to avoid parts of northern Mexico during spring break.

The bureau's Los Angeles field division said Monday that it discourages travel to Tijuana and Rosarito Beach, noting that both cities just south of San Diego have witnessed a lot of drug-fueled violence. Rosarito has long been a mecca for Southern California students on spring break.

The warning goes a step further than one issued by the State Department last month advising travelers to Mexico to avoid areas of prostitution and drug-dealing and to take other commonsense precautions.

The ATF is responsible for preventing arms smuggling into Mexico.


Jon said...

you really have no idea what you talking about.

Royce Penstinger said...

You Might BE SURPRISED what I do or do not know there MR "I have My Own Pro Illegal Alien/Mexican People Bias" Jon.

You want to take groups of young people down into Mexico to build homes, I salute you for your least you are not advocating on my blog that criminal illegal alien scum deserve AMNESTY, or trying to tell me it is OK for Eleven Million Americans to be unemployed because the seven million illegal aliens that still have jobs in our economy need those jobs more than our American lower and middle class citizens do. More than our young Americans wanting to start families need them. Do you care that Illegal Aliens working in American are stealing jobs from 16-29 year old black men, do you care that Illegal Aliens are stealing the jobs that would normally be filled by our young adults just moving into the work force, and as a result of that reality, many of those young adults are having a harder time moving up the ladder because they lack EARLY ADULTHOOD WORK EXPERIENCES that the employer is willing to consider in pushing they up the ladder a rung?

Curious here...ever give any thought to the number of small American businesses that have been harmed, even destroyed here in America because of the infestation of illegal aliens into America? As a person who closed his business doors because of the pricing schedule Illegal Aliens have brought into my own industry, I have thought about it. Some choice, become a criminal, hire illegal aliens, or go out of business...SORRY, that is NOT THE AMERICA I GREW UP IN.

Let me guess, you don't believe that statement, or instead do you believe ANYTHING ILLEGAL ALIENS DO TO SURVIVE IS ALLOWABLE...sort of the La Raza/MALDEF approach and position, or the National Chamber of Commerce CHEAP LABOR approach that says a human being has a right to work, even if they are A) Illegal Aliens, or B) depressing the wages of LEGAL WORKERS. You know, that approach where the Chamber of Commerce feels I should become a criminal, hire illegal aliens so that I can compete and be ust like their member businesses. Here is and idea....put four million illegal aliens out of work here in America over night by making E Verify the law for all current and future employees. Even better...their jobs gone, Immigration REform becomes a mute point, as said illegal aliens en masse would begin self deporting themselves.

Illegal Aliens and their supporters know this, which is why they are DESPARATELY trying to tie E Verify to AMNESTY LEGISLATION so that illegal aliens get to KEEP THEIR JOBS.

You want to deny the violence in Mexico? Want to say you know from first hand experience that those college students will be safe? Who knows, maybe they would that the issue? Is one injured student too many?

Curious here...the State Department has issued a travel advisory. You have people like me on one side, and people like your self, and self serving websites that benefit from the Mexican Tourist TRADE on the other beating your drums that it is SAFE TO TRAVEL to Mexico. You have your agenda, and you message is designed to move that agenda. Most of those that want 100,000 students traveling to Mexico for Spring Break have a PROFIT AGENDA they are pushing, a cash cow they want to protect. You have or work for an organization that depends on some of those very businesses to do what it is that your organization does...who knows, you might even have some events during Spring Break that are crucial to your organization's success.

I have my own agenda, and if I am successful in keeping several thousand AMERICAN college students from endangering their lives, and spending their money in Mexico then I am moving my own agenda forward. If I can stop hundreds of thousands of tourist from risking their lives right now in Mexico, EVEN BETTER.

IF in the process of bringing attention to the State Department's warning, if in warning students TO STAY AWAY I return the favor Mexicans did to me, if a few or a few hundred small business people in Mexico get put out of business the way I was put out of business, OH WELL, that is the way the State Department Travel Advisory crumbles. The Lord Gives and the Lord takes away, and sometimes life just isn't fair (of course fair is ALWAYS subjective).

Maybe you should know someone's agenda before assuming they have no clue, assume they do not know what they are talking about. I am a lot of things, including angry, but the one thing I have never been is a fool.

Mexico pushes their citizens to break our laws, counts on the remittances their Illegal Aliens send home from America. There is no concern in Mexico for the lower and middle class Americans they hurt in searching for their own dreams, they see nothing wrong with stealing someone elses dream to have as their own. Well, pay back is a bitch. Curious here, how much does the average tourist spend when they visit Mexico? I'm going to guess maybe $800. One city in Mexico says tourism in 2007 was down TWENTY the math. 100,000 college students thinking about Spring Break in Mexico, doing some partying with friends, drinking a lot of beer, maybe smoking a bit of dope because they can.

Twenty percent of them decide on their own, or their parents decide for them that it is SIMPLY TOO DANGEROUS DOWN THERE RIGHT NOW, pull the plug on the trip because of the Civil War Mexico is in the middle of. $16,000,000...that's a start!

Here is a free CLUE....get the Mexico Government to raise their HIGHEST TAX RATES (thinking here that 18-20 percent would be good) so that they can build SOME REAL INFRASTRUCTURE, begin educating their citizens and creating some jobs. Change their real estate ownership laws. A free business plan for Mexico...America has 75 million boomers getting ready to retire...they all want to get away from the cold, they all want to be catered too. Mexico could end up super rich, keep its citizens home if they actually acted like smart business people and started building retirenment communities, shopping malls and medical facilties and pitching it all to 75 Million BOOMERS...

Hell, I am angry, but not stupid. A nice two or three bedroom Condo at a GREAT PRICE that is in a warm climate with all the services I want and expect...I'd consider it.

Illegal Aliens depress and lower middle class American wages $230 Billion a year. OUr government looked the other way because BIG BUSINESS knew all those extra bodies in the work force would drive down wages and benefits. Mexico was all to WILLING to avail themselves of this WELFARE NET for their least fortunate citizens. Illegal Aliens steal fuel from the American Economic Engine to the tune of around #130 Billion dollars a year. One dollar in creates six, one dollar out you lose the math and Illegal Aliens are cheating America of 1.2 Trillion of Economic fuel on a yearly basis. Why do you think Mexico lives in DREAD fear of losing is not the remittances themselves, but their multiple effect in the economy.

There are a lot of social costs that brilliant minds in Washington DC never factor in, because those costs do not affect them, or inconveniet for their AGENDA.

Do you know what happens to quality of life and your house value when you have the misfortune of having three houses each with 20-40 illegal aliens in them in your neighborhood?...I do. Do you know what it is like to never be able to find a parking place BY THE HOUSE YOU OWN AND PAY TAXES ON because the Illegal Aliens living in those three houses own a combined total of 35 vehicles. I do. Do you know what it is like to have two of those illegal aliens that did not have drivers licenses, did not have insurance, who were drunk total your car...not once, BUT TWICE! I do. A third one hit my car, but luckily DID NOT TOTAL IT.

We as humans are a sum total of our personal experiences. Your experiences are different than mine, you see life and Mexico different than I because you have lived a different set of experiences. You are not right or wrong, and neither am I. We just have different agendas because our life experiences have us traveling on different roads.

By the you really think it is fair that here in America, on a Fourth of July I have to look at MEXICAN FLAGS! Every member of my family has spent time serving our country, and trust me, THAT GRIPES MY ASS.

Jon said...

Wow, your response to my one sentence was eight times longer than the original post!

My only point is there is absolutely no data to suggest tourists to Mexico are targets of Cartel violence.

I really have nothing to add. Have a great day.

Royce Penstinger said...

Let me guess there Jon...never heard of collateral damage? You have a nice day.

Jon said...

Yes. I know it well. My work has suffered from the collateral damage of fear-mongering and media sensationalization. Still remaining is the fact that no tourists have been killed in Mexico as a result of the escalation in Cartel violence - directly or collaterally.

More Americans were killed in New Orleans last year than in Mexico over the last five years combined. And New Orleans had a higher per capita murder rate than Tijuana in 2008. Phoenix has a MUCH higher kidnapping rate than Tijuana across all demographics. By statistical logic, we should be more hesitant to travel to either of those cities.

Thanks for the continued conversation.

Royce Penstinger said...

Kidnapping capital of the world is Mexico City.

There were more citizen deaths in Mexico in 2008 than in either Iraq or Afghanistan....would you encourage college students to go vacation in Iraq?

You have a VERY VESTED MULTI MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS (disquised as a ministry) that is greatly dependent in American willingness to travel to Mexico...people should factor that into your drivel here.

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