Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama Calls For END To Era of Fiscal Irresponsibility As He Prepares To Sign Budge With Almost 9000 EARMARKS

Your Daughters, Malia and Sasha Must Be DISGUSTED With Their Daddy, THE LIAR AND CHIEF?
Obama put his Jimmy Carter like peanut farmer smile in front of the cameras again today as he called for an "end to the era of irresponsible spending." This is LAUGHABLE in light of the budget he is about to sign that has HOW MANY EARMARKS Mr. Obama? Here is a clue there Mr. Obama....get out a SHARPIE (if you cannot afford one, I can see clear to purchase one for you) and start DRAWING LINES through those earmarks we as taxpayers cannot could start with those hundreds of millions FOR YOUR CHIEF OF STAFF! Sure you could add a SIGNING STATEMENT That would DEFEND about $9 Billion worth of Earmarks. Your signature GOES ON THIS BUDGET, IT IS YOURS...KEEP YOUR PROMISE, or you are THE LIAR AND CHIEF.

For those that will want to CALL ME A RACIST for the peanut farmer comment...I would suggest you go look at some of the political cartoons from the days when Jimmy Carter was president, and compare the TOOTHY SMILES to those Obama is being made famous for. I'd also suggest that Obama STOP TRYING TO BE LINCOLN, and perhaps emulate some of the humility that was President Jimmy Carter's trademark.

In closing this article, curious there Mr. President how your personal BELT TIGHTENING is going? You know, that leading by example...for instance, do hope that we TAXPAYERS did not pay for that new swingset that showed up, and JUST HOW MUST IS TONIGHT's White House gathering costing us taxpayers?