Sunday, March 1, 2009

Should Senate Republicans Just Say No To Comprehensive Health Care and AMNESTY

With each passing day it becomes apparent that Barack Obama is not the people's President, but instead is the President of only those Americans with brown or black skin, and those Americans that support SPECIAL RIGHTS for those two groups of our Society.

1. While 11 plus million Americans are out of work, struggling to survive, President Obama kowtowed to the Pro Illegal Alien camp by demanding E Verify be left out of the Stimulus Bill under the guise that its inclusion in the bill would have seen too many Illegal Aliens losing their jobs...yes, you read that right.

So, over 11 Million Legal American citizens living on Main Street out of work, and Obama is fine with seven million illegal aliens working while LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS starve and suffer. The overwhelming brown tone too these illegal aliens I am sure had nothing to do with his decision. God forbid that Obama offend the Latino population and La Raza by treating illegal aliens for what they are...CRIMINALS.

2. President Obama has already signed one health care into law that gave some 4 million children of ILLEGAL ALIENS Health Care at the expense of Main Street know, the same ones who are OUT OF WORK because Illegal Aliens have stolen our jobs.

3. President Obama wants to grant Amnesty to 12-25 Million Illegal Alien Criminals under the guise of Earned Citizenship, and allow these same scum to bring in their parents under the guise of Family Reunification...this move could allow as many as 50 Million parents of Illegal Aliens to dip into our American Social Security System at a time when 75 Million Baby Boomers are reaching the age of retirement.

4. President Obama is trying to ram Comprehensive Health Care down the throats of Main Street Americans so that he can give up to 25 million ILLEGAL ALIENS health care coverage by RATIONING THE CARE AMERICANS GET...that's right folks, read Obama's Health Care Proposal...ILLEGAL ALIENS DO QUALIFY.

5. The President's plan to bail out all those bad mortgages would let up to THREE MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS refinance THEIR BAD MORTGAGES at the expense of our taxes.

I voted for Obama! I am suggesting in this article that we need the Republicans in the Senate to pull together as a singular voting block to protect America from a Communistic/Socialistic Obama Agenda aimed at stripping Main Street Americans of our money, our rights and our freedoms under the guise of dignity and reparations for people of color. How else can you explain a set of White House moves that benefit ONLY PEOPLE OF COLOR, a set of initiatives that reward criminals with our jobs, a set of legislative bills that steal our money, steal our benefits, and give them to both the Latino and Black communities under the guise of Equal Rights for all...Equal Rights is not AMNESTY, Equal Rights is not Affirmative Action that gives Brown and Black people huge advantages. A line needs to be drawn in the sand. No Comprehensive Health Coverage unless said coverage specifically and categorically denies ANY COVERAGE including Emergency Room services to Illegal Aliens, and no Amnesty for Illegal Aliens under the guise of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Further, Republicans in the Senate should Filibuster any legislation until E Verify is made the law of the land FOR ALL EMPLOYERS FOR ALL EMPLOYEES (not just new hires), and a Bill in introduced and passed that outlaws any help to Illegal Aliens when it comes to home mortgage loans or small business loans.

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