Friday, March 6, 2009

Tory Johnson Lies On Larry King Live? Can You Trust A Liar As a Job Coach?

At first BLUSH, Tory Johnson seems to be SUPER WOMAN, a modern day female dynamo that has figured out how to HAVE IT ALL, balancing a successful career, raising kids, running a happy family and home with her husband. She is found of Women For Hire which organizes women only events/job fairs (nothing SEXIST there now is there?). She's a contributor on ABC's Good Morning America, and hosts her own show called Home Work...can we say loaded as in she is making a truck load of money! In addition to all this, she also (FOR A LARGE FEE) does speaking engagements on College Campuses, at Fortune 500 companies, and AT PRESTIGIOUS EVENTS.

We are talking a very intelligent, articulate BUSINESS SAVY person, someone that knows the ins and outs of Corporate American, has a handle on the Smoke Filled Rooms going ons that have SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS WORKING while over eleven million Americans are out of work.

Now to Larry King's show tonight, and his Where Are The Job's show! A caller asked if dealing with Illegal Aliens in the work force would help put some American workers back too work...Larry King tossed the question to Tory. You could tell by her first reaction that SHE DID NOT WANT THIS what did she do? She lied, gave a almost, do not think dealing with illegals would help American Workers!

Anyway you look at it, she is LYING. If you deal with Illegal Aliens by voting in favor of Senator Jeff Sessions Amendment to the Omnibus Spenging Bill which would activate E Verify IMMEDIATELY for a period of five years (funded), a minimum of FOUR MILLION AMERICANS would get jobs when the dust settles, and a bright intelligent women as plugged into American Business as Tory is would know this. So was she lying because she did not want to PUT THIS FACT OUT TO AMERICA ON LARRY KING?

Maybe instead, this very well educated and informed business woman who has her finger on the pulse of American Employment issues knows that the National Chamber of Commerce and the supporters of Illegal Aliens want to tie the passage of E Verify to a AMNESTY BILL (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) so that those seven million Illegal Aliens GET TO KEEP THEIR JOBS, and Corporate American can keep paying CHEAP WAGES for a little while longer. For those doubting this fact, I point you to the fact that President Obama said he wanted E Verify taken out of the stimulus bill as too many illegal aliens would lose their jobs before he and Congress can grant them Amnesty if it was put into the Stimulus...As Paul Harvey would say, "and now for the rest of the story".

What Obama did not tell you, is leaving E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill lets seven million illegal aliens to keep their jobs, and will allow 300,000 additional illegal aliens to get STIMULUS JOBS! Oh...did I mention President Obama wants to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY) before his Socialist Comprehensive Health Care Reform is passed so that we out of work Main STreet Americans can pay the bill for giving Health Care to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens! Now if I know all this as just a dumb 53 year old non degreed unwashed and unemployed member of the Main Street masses, don't you think that Tory Johnson, self proclaimed GODDESS of JOB knows this? Why did she LIE? Could it be she does not want the 11 Million out of work Main Street Americans to know this DIRTY TRUTH?

Now, if she agree that Tory Johnson deliberately lied on Larry King, ask yourself, can you trust a liar to be your job coach? If she did not know all this, do you want her to be your job coach when a dumb old man like myself has more knowlede about where the jobs are going than she does?


Dear Larry King:

Tory Johnson LIED to your caller that asked the question, "Would dealing with the illegal aliens help unemployment". She looked uncomfortable, then said she did not think it would help...she LIED, and she knows it.

12.5 Million Americans have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, because Congress has not funded and made into law E Verify (Senator Reid tried again today to kill Senator Sessions Amendment to the Omnibus Budget Bill which would have enacted E VErify for a period of five years).

E Verify would ALMOST INSTANTLY put all 7 million Illegal Aliens out of work, and American Citizens would get rehired, thus lowering our unemployment. Tory knows this, and President OBama knows this.

President Obama asked the Senate to leave E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill because its inclusion would cause too many illegal aliens to lose their jobs before Congress could grant them Amnesty.

With Amnesty these illegal Aliens get to keep the jobs they have stolen from Americans...which is why groups like La Raza and MALDEF are trying to tie E Verify being law to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

You owe it to your caller Larry to share this truth on tonights show. If you do not share this truth, I will have it out on the internet by 10:00 PM when your show is over.

Tory Johnson Founder/CEO / About Us / Home - Women For Hire
Career-savvy expert Tory Johnson is the founder and CEO of Women For Hire, which is the only producer of high caliber recruiting events for women. ...

Tory Johnson's Biography She KNEW BETTER!

Career-savvy expert Tory Johnson is the founder and CEO of Women For Hire, which is the only producer of high caliber recruiting events for women. Johnson is the Workplace Contributor on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she reaches millions of viewers on a wide range of job-related issues and challenges. She is the anchor of Home Work on ABC News Now, the digital channel.

In addition to her television and online segments, Johnson writes columns for and Yahoo! HotJobs and Shine among others

She is a frequent speaker to audiences nationwide, ranging from college campuses and Fortune 500 companies to prestigious conferences, where she shares strategies and solutions for finding success and satisfaction at work.

Glamour magazine dubbed Johnson the "raise fairy godmother" because of her expertise in advising a panel of women on how to successfully ask for—and secure—salary increases.

Johnson's fourth career book, Will Work From Home: Earn Cash Without the Commute was published in 2008 and became an instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Johnson serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for Emerson College. She is a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization. She was inducted into the YWCA's prestigious Class of 2002 Academy of Women Achievers, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of women in business.

Johnson is a mentor to dozens of women throughout the country, providing one-on-one guidance on both career advancement and entrepreneurship. In addition to her high profile work with people displaced in the Gulf states because of Hurricane Katrina, she is an active volunteer for many community-based organizations focusing on women’s issues and education.

Johnson founded Women For Hire after serving in corporate communications positions at ABC News, NBC News and Nickelodeon. She lives in New York City with her husband and children.