Monday, March 2, 2009

China Ass Munchers Deliver FALSE BIDS...Let ME MELT BRONZES

Just as I had thought/mused in an article earlier today, the FAKE BIDS on the two Bronze Relics auctioned off by Christies were orchestrated by China! I say TEACH Cai Mingchao and China a lesson Christies...tell your client I will buy those two Bronzes for ONE DOLLAR EACH, and will give Cai Mingchao EXACTLY SEVEN DAYS to pay me FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS for the two bronzes. This will cover my own fees for dealing with the ass turd, and still give you adequate funds to make your client happy. If Cai Mingchao refuses to pay the funds, I MELT DOWN THE STATUES! Let him welch on his bid! I'll make a Coffee Table Book that shows the melting down of the Bronzes in VIVID PHOTOGRAPHIC DETAIL!

The time has come to SMACK DOWN China and their law breaking citizens. There is no better way to deal with scum like this than to take the items they covet and MELT THEM DOWN...imagine taking these two relics and casting them into twin DONKEYS...I'll even DONATE THE DONKEYS, they can be presented to President Hu as a gift the next time Hillary pays him a visit. Save FACE China, SAVE FACE President Hu...hold your citizen to his word, demand that he make good on his word. Trust me, if Christies sells me the Bronzes, the cost to get them back goes up, and if you do not pay, I have no problems MELTING THEM DOWN...this is about more than MONEY NOW! This man is DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED WITH CHINA's LOST RELICS RECOVERY PROGRAM...this was an act deliberately ORCHESTRATED by the Chinese Government...You President Hu are a shamed and dispicable ASS MUNCHER if YOU WELCH ON THIS DEAL.
Cai Mingchao at a news conference in Beijing on Monday. (China Daily via Reuters)

Top bid on disputed Yves Saint Laurent bronzes was a protest from China

The apparent winning bidder for two prized Chinese sculptures in a Paris auction surfaced Monday, a Chinese collector and auctioneer who said it was his patriotic duty to refuse to pay the $40 million he had pledged.

Cai Mingchao said at a news conference in Beijing that he had made the anonymous successful bids last week for the 18th-century bronzes, the heads of a rat and a rabbit. Cai described himself as a consultant with the Lost Cultural Relics Recovery Program, a nongovernmental group that seeks to bring looted artifacts back to China.

The bronzes were part of the high-profile sale last week of the collection of the late French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his personal and business partner, Pierre Bergé. The three-day auction, held in Paris, was the most lucrative ever for a private collection, bringing in about $484 million, according to Christie's, the auction house.

"I think any Chinese person would have stood up at that moment," Cai said of his bid, made by telephone through Christie's. "It was just that the opportunity came to me. I was merely fulfilling my responsibilities."


Anonymous said...

If the French Robbed Philadelphia, burned the city down and now they were selling the Liberty Bell in Paris. How do you feel? What would you do?

Royce Penstinger said...

BAD EXAMPLE...The French have not been big on invading since Napoleon.