Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Would You Do As President?

Several networks and papers are asking citizens the question, "What would you do as President to turn around the economy if you were in the White House?" It is a good question, but one not worth answering as Washington is going to do what Washington wants to do. That said, I have some SERIOUS OPINIONS about what I would do was President.

1. Through Executive Order, or enactment of a law, would instantly negate all trade agreements in the NAFTA, CAFTA genre. These agreements have not been good for America, nor our work force. Further, our membership in the World Bank and the World Trade Organization would be terminated. I would entertain pulling out of the United Nations and asking said organization to leave America. NATO is a far more useful organization for America and our allies, and the money we waste on the United Nations and their Islamic Agenda would be better spent on NATO.

2. E Verify would be made the law of the land, every employer (including families) would be required to verify the legal work status of every employee (both current hires, and new hires). In conjunction with E Verify, all employers would be required to turn over to ICE all contact information on employees deemed to be ineligible for work in the United States of America. In conjunction with local law enforcement, said illegal aliens would be rounded up, questioned, and where appropriate (unable to prove they are in America LEGALLY through presentation of LEGAL PAPERS/DOCUMENTS) detained for deportation without BAIL.

3. Would both fund and authorize ICE and other law enforcement agencies to begin a series of interior work place, neighborhood, and home raids aimed at deporting all Illegal Aliens that are illegally in America. American Citizens and those here legally (legal immigrants) would be given rewards for turning in those in American Illegally...yes, a bounty system. These internal raids would include making the IRS verify that all those with Federal Tax ID numbers are legal citizens or legal immigrants. All Illegal Aliens identified as operating a business while illegally in American would have all their assets (business and personal) seized and sold at auction, the doors to their establishment closed, all phones immediately disconnected.

4. All Federal Funding to cities acting as Safe Harbor/Haven communities for Illegal Aliens would be stopped until such time as they came into compliance with ALL FEDERAL LAWS. This would include IMMEDIATE AND SWIFT ACTIONS FOR BOTH San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as several major Texas cities including House and San Antonio.

5. Any employers found to be employing Illegal Aliens 90 days after implementation of E Verify would face criminal prosecution, and if convicted a minimum 5 year sentence.

6. All Illegal Aliens deported or self deported would be required to take their Anchor Babies with them. The Supreme Court would be ordered to resolve the cloud over Anchor Baby citizenship.

7. By executive Order, signing statements and passage of laws, illegal aliens and their children would be denied ALL SOCIAL SERVICES, would be denied any benefits created by passage of laws. ( is estimated that Obama's mortgage bailout bill will WRONGFULLY allow over 2 million illegal aliens to refinance their homes at the expense of the American Tax Payer.) Illegal aliens should not have access to services, should not benefit from our stimullus bill, should not be allowed to refinance their mortgages at our tax payer expense.

8. Revoke China's Most Favored Nation trading Status, and place a 50 percent tax on all goods being imported from China to help America in rebuilding America and paying down the debt owed to China because of their unfair trade policies.

9. Based on Obama's promise to balance the budget, would hold off on Health Care Reform...especially when you consider the very real fact that less than 15 million Americans would be left without healthcare if we DEPORTED ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THEIR OFF SPRING. Further, denying Illegal Aliens and their children access to Emergency Care would INSTANTLY start bringing medical costs down, making it more affordable for employers to offer Major Medical as a benefit to their employees. Couple this with what would become an jobs market that favored employees, we would more than likely be able to provide ALL LEGAL CITIZENS Healthcare within our current framework.

10. Finish building the sections of fence along our Southern Border that are already written into law, and seek funding for triple layer fencing and other PHYSICAL BARRIERS along our entire Southern Border with Mexico.

11. End Affirmative Action so that we end preferential treatment based on race.

12. Make all Americans upon completion of High School do four years of MANDATORY SERVICE to America in exchange for a fully paid College Education (up through and including a Masters Degree). No waivers to this rule for other than MEDICAL ISSUES of a significant nature.

13. Cease all funding for any and all groups that support Amnesty/Pathway to Citizenship for Illegal Aliens. Stop funding for any and all groups that aid, abet or hire illegal aliens, or fire legal briefs on behalf of illegal aliens. Simply stated, America needs to follow the example of Australia.

14. Make loans for FIRST HOMES available to ALL LEGAL CITIZENS OF AMERICA over the age of 25 at 3.5 percent interest. (FIRST HOMES ONLY, and if you own a home...even if paid for, you will not be eligible for a government loan until you have liquidated your real estate holdings...this will eliminate people using these low interest loans for speculative real estate purchases. Loans will only be available FOR SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS/UNITS.

15. Place a five year moratorium on all immigration to America. Get over it Bill Gates!

16. Throw out of America all corporations that have more than 50 percent of their production facilities off shore. (Think as example DuPont)

17. Pull ALL TROOPS out of the Middle East (including Afghanistan) the time has come to let them settle their differences without America...who knows, maybe China might want to STEP into the void we would leave. At least 50,000 of these troops could IMMEDIATELY be deployed to our Southern Border with Mexico. Secure borders and strong fences make good neighbors.

Protectionist bet it is. Buy America, Love America, Hire American or LEAVE AMERICA.


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