Monday, March 2, 2009

Who Reads Washington Scandal, and WHY? Waving At Navy Commander Dave Waterman

Not sure who reads my blog, nor why they do so...what I do know, is that I tract my visitors, the links that bring them here. One of these visits caught my eye today for several reasons. First, not sure how wise it is for a Navy Commander to have a whole lot of information on where he was stationed at on his Linked Profile...further, wondered how it is that one of the Google Searches that brought someone to my Washington Scandal Blog took me to Commander Dave Waterman's LINKED page. Have a look folks, and tell me how wise you think it is for a Naval Officer to be putting some much identifying information up onto the public web. Maybe this has something to do with those Lincoln Group articles I wrote so long ago, or perhaps more to do with Eric Prince stepping down over at Blackwater (Xe)...he was a former Seal.

Dave Waterman

Commander, United States Navy


  • Night Chief, Media Operations Centerat Multi-National Force - Iraq
  • Public Affairs Officerat Commander, Naval Forces Japan
  • Public Affairs Plans & Policy Officerat Supreme Allied Command, Transformation (NATO)
  • Directorat Navy Office of Information, East (Manhattan, NYC)
  • San Diego State University-California State University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Defense Information School
89 connections
Public Relations and Communications

Dave Waterman’s Experience

  • Night Chief, Media Operations Center

    Multi-National Force - Iraq

    (Public Relations and Communications industry)

    July 2008Present (9 months)

    The Multi-National Force - Iraq Media Operations Center (MOC) provides 24/7 operational situational awareness of the Western, Iraqi and Pan Arab media battlespace about Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces and its impact to Iraq and across the globe. The MOC consists of media monitors, visual information experts, press desk functions, outreach and press conference preparation for spokespersons. By fully understanding current news events and strategic messaging, the MOC team educates and provides public affairs advice and counsel to senior MNF-I leadership and subordinate commands.

  • Public Affairs Officer

    Commander, Naval Forces Japan

    (Government Agency; 10,001 or more employees; USN; Military industry)

    May 2006July 2008 (2 years 3 months)

    Key spokesperson for all U.S. Navy in Japan, working with national and international media, and interacting with local communities and host nation government at all levels. Managed crisis communications varying from serious crimes, to environmental issues, to sensitive military issues. Specific accomplishments include writing the Strategic Communication plan for the arrival of USS George Washington, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be forward deployed to Japan. Utilizing effects-based communications, successfully bridged the cultural divide in informing the general Japanese public about the safety of the ship by using manga, the famous Japanese comic style, to produce "CVN73", which can be found at for free download.

  • Public Affairs Plans & Policy Officer

    Supreme Allied Command, Transformation (NATO)

    (Military industry)

    September 2002July 2005 (2 years 11 months)

    Key player in the transformation of NATO Public Information (PI). Principle contributor to NATO PI policy redesign, including MC458, NATO's Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation Policy. Established PI as a key training objective in NATO exercises. Introduced new injects which exercise new Rules of Engagement (ROE) for Commanders engaging media on the battlefield and embedded media with forward forces. Drafted the first-ever Bilateral Strategic Commanders (BiSC) Strategic Communcation Plan for NATO. Author of the Public Information Joint Functional Area Training Guide (PI JFATG), the primary PI training document in NATO. Guest speaker at the NATO School in Oberammergau, GE. Designed the PI training plan for the NATO Response Force (NRF) as well as many projects at NATO conferences around the world.

  • Director

    Navy Office of Information, East (Manhattan, NYC)

    (Government Relations industry)

    July 2000September 2002 (2 years 3 months)

    Primary mission was to develop and maintain relations with media networks in New York, coordinating NYC Fleet Weeks and representing the Navy at many diverse events, ranging from movie premiers to national awards ceremonies. Was the DoD and Navy primary spokesperson on Sept 11, 2001 and for days afterwards. Designed the Navy's City to the Sea program, reaching 65,000 inner city youth. Orchestrated the Navy Book Program, providing a focal point for authors to gain approval for Navy support of future books. Was liasion to many local organizations, including NYSE and NYY. Organized Navy guests for NYSE openings and closing as well as first pitches or coin tosses at area games. Organized the first-ever jet aircraft flyover of Yankee Stadium, successfully coordinating the closure of the three area airports with the FAA, City of New York and involved Navy squadrons.

  • Public Affairs Officer

    Carrier Group THREE & USS CARL VINSON Battle Group

    (Military industry)

    June 1998June 2000 (2 years 1 month)

    As Battle Group Public Affairs Officer, authored the first CVBG Collateral Duty Public Affairs Officer handbook, and coordinated numerous PA opportunities for events such as RIMPAC, CAPSTONE, JCOC, WESTPAC, and Sea Fair. Was key USN PA in Operation Desert Fox. Hosted numerous media on at-sea embarks with great success. Hosted 60,000+ guests, ranging from the Secertary of the Navy, to international royalty to school children.

  • Public Affairs Officer

    Naval District Washington

    (Military industry)

    January 1997May 1998 (1 year 5 months)

    District Public Affairs office for NDW, dealing with topics such as Environmental Law, BRAC moves, expansion, and regionalization within the Nation's Capital. Was key organizer in Navy's role in Joint Service Open House for two years in a row. Always an innovator, generated great PA opportunities for Special Warfare community, bringing MK V boats up the Potomac for both Washington DC media and government leadership to ride and exerience. Completely designed the award-winning NDW website; pioneered the initiative to make websites a one-stop shopping for incoming personnel, as well as having command websites written into personnel orders as an information source. Smithsonian Institute awarded the NDW website for innovation in government computing and a CD copy was put in the Smithsonian Institute's timecapsule for the year.

  • Aide de camp

    Chief of Navy Information

    (Military industry)

    December 1995January 1997 (1 year 2 months)

  • Print Division Director

    Naval Media Center

    (Military industry)

    April 1995December 1995 (9 months)

  • Assistant Public Affairs Officer

    Bureau of Naval Personnel

    (Military industry)

    March 1993February 1995 (2 years)

  • Naval Flight Officer

    VA-95 "Green Lizards"

    (Government Agency; 201-500 employees; Military industry)

    February 1992December 1992 (11 months)

Dave Waterman’s Education

  • San Diego State University-California State University

    MA, Communication, 20052006

  • University of Oklahoma

    Communications "Short course", Public Relations, 19931993

  • Defense Information School

    Journalism 19921992

  • University of Idaho

    BFA, Graphic Design, 19851989

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Stars and Stripes, the daily newspaper of the United States Armed Forces, reports that the public affairs office for the Commander, Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ) will be producing a manga to explain its mission to the Japanese public. According to its spokesperson, Commander David Waterman, the goal is reach Japanese people in their twenties and thirties. “We used comics as a means to introduce a summary of [a defense white paper] that is easily understandable for young people.” The office has already produced trading cards for Japanese children.

The CNFJ is still developing the storyline, and it will contract out the artwork and production. As planned, the 40-page, all-Japanese booklet will feature a male and a female sailor on the U.S.S. George Washington aircraft carrier and their experiences both abroad in various countries and at Yokosuka Naval Base, the carrier's port in Japan.

Japan's own Ministry of Defense has created three manga booklets for its mascot Prince Pickles to explain its mission to its citizens, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has Detective Conan explaining its mission. The Maritime Self-Defense Force, Japan's nominally non-military fleet, has recruited new sailors with idol group and sentai imagery.


The magazine-sized books feature everything from classics to romances to crime novels. The Navy produced 25,000 copies of the GW manga at a cost of $3 apiece to be handed out free and they were snapped up in hours by Japanese who waited in long lines in Yokosuka to get copies.

Japan killing prompts crackdown at U.S. Navy base

The U.S. Navy said Wednesday it has imposed limits on travel and alcohol consumption for personnel at its base near Tokyo following the killing of a Japanese taxi driver.

The limits would take effect immediately, said Cmdr. David Waterman, a Navy spokesman.

No alcohol will be sold due to “a period of heightened sensitivity” over the stabbing of a 61-year-old Japanese taxi driver last month in Yokosuka, just south of Tokyo and home to the U.S. naval base, Waterman said. Off-base travel and activities will be limited, he said.

The announcement came hours after Japanese authorities questioned a U.S. sailor over his suspected role in the killing of taxi driver Masaaki Takahashi.

The sailor, a 22-year-old crew member of the Yokosuka-based ship USS Cowpens, has been in U.S. custody since he was apprehended on a desertion charge earlier this month in Tokyo.

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Gross, David F. Colonel(P), Executive Officer to the Commander in Chief ... - 72k - 2000-05-19 - Cached

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... The Australian David Hicks was allegedly captured in Afghanistan by the Northern
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... The Australian David Hicks was allegedly captured in Afghanistan by the Northern
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