Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mexican Vacation...College Students, Is Spring Break In Mexico Worth Getting KILLED FOR?

Cancun, Mexico

Mexico's President and his CROONIES want the AMERICAN DOLLARS that 100,000 college students will bring to Mexico over Spring Break...question is, is a BEACH VACATION in MEXICO worth DYING FOR AS warring drug cartels participate in a Civil War? Running gun fights are the norms IN ALL MEXICAN COMMUNITIES, Kidnapping of Americans a COMMON PRACTICE, and last year over 7,000 people were gunned down, including AMERICAN CITIZENS. Listen to the State Department, heed the warning and go beaching at American Resorts...not only will you be safer, but it is PATRIOTIC TO BUY AND VACATION AMERICAN!

Over 100,000 American teenagers and young adults travel to resort areas throughout Mexico over Spring Break each year and too many of them RETURN HOME IN CASKETS.

Vacation Choices: Murderous Mexico or Beautiful Barbados?

Safe, beautiful Barbados

Safe, beautiful Barbados

Mexico Has More Kidnappings Than Iraq or Columbia!

Welcome to Cancun, Mexico - where last week eleven tortured, then decapitated bodies were found in a tourist area. That’s not even counting the four decapitated bodies found in Tijuana earlier this week.

The country’s highest police official was murdered in May and the drug wars have claimed over 2.700 dead this year alone.

So take that Cancun vacation if you want…

… or, you might want to book a nice little hotel in Barbados where you will find that the hotel security staff are not issued machine guns like in Mexico.

Your choice, Mr. and Mrs. American or Canadian tourist…

Will that be murderous Mexico… Drug war terror spreads in Mexico as bodies are dumped in tourist areas

or beautiful, friendly Barbados… Barbados: The best of the West Indies