Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama Health Care Plan is Boomer Genocide

Calling ALL BOOMERS...when Obama says tough choices need to be made, he is talking about the 75 million Boomers who he and his henchmen have targeted as the group who will pay the price, will suffer in the name of a better tomorrow, in the name of his great Socialist Experiment.
It began with an article published on Bloomberg titled, “Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan” by Betsy McCaughey. McCaughey says the plan could be used to ration care to the elderly, putting government, not doctors, in charge of what care will be delivered.

Obama is planning a Great Boomer Holocaust, the first steps of which can be found in his Heath Care Reform Plan which amounts to Boomer Genocide, a deliberate planned early death for the 75 Million Americans who have paid more taxes to our government at all levels than any generation that has come before us, and maybe more than any generation that will follow in our footsteps. In the name of a better, greener tomorrow President Obama has decided Boomers must die sooner than later, have their health services rationed and limited so that those coming up behind them can live healthier happier lives for generations to come. Obama has decided we are expendable in his plans for a new race of well educated, healthy, young, green citizens of tomorrow.

Obama cannot grant Amnesty to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens, cannot give every American health care, cannot save Social Security for the generations yet to come without visiting great suffering and early death to the 75 Million Boomers who, in his mind, have become a National Liability. His plan is as devious as it is demonic, his public presentation of it following the same slow path used by Hitler when he convinced most Jews to quietly accept their own fate, falsely believing that the German nation, its people would come to their senses, would wake up and come to their aid. Obama wants to slowly take away what is rightfully ours, slowly nibble away at our rights, our health care services, and finally our Social Security Benefits which he intends to brutally slash in the name of Saving the System for our children's children, for 25 million illegal aliens and their children's children...we the Boomers must die sad, broken and alone in the name of a brighter tomorrow, we are the chosen ones selected as America's sacrificial lambs destined to live under Obama's Altar of Socialist Reform.

Overly dramatic...inflammatory? Can hear Obama and his cult like followers screaming HERETIC already, men in black Prius being dispatched too follow the every move of the dissident American. Boomer Genocide...the man is I?

Barack Obama is talking about RATIONED HEALTH CARE, and when you look at his plan, many of us Boomers are being asked to accept a level of Health Care Coverage that would provide us only comfort care, instead of the extraordinary efforts we have now that are aimed at saving our lives, keeping us alive. GEE, sorry there Mr and Mrs Boomer, but you are old and gray, you just don't qualify for that liver transplant, especially now that you are a non productive member of our Great Green America. You can though go over to LINE D, stand in line for ten months and we can get you into a pain management program if you are still alive. Sorry, but that medicine is VERY EXPENSIVE Mr. Boomer and is not a part of the state provided level of care that you are entitled to, so unless you have $2500 a month, guess you are out of is a card for the Funeral Home, perhaps you should start making arrangements now, I hear they have a really good price on CREMATIONS...Auschwitz any one?

The dictionary defines Genocide as the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. There is no doubt that the 75 million Boomers are both a political and a cultural group. When our government systematically takes steps that steal away our jobs (Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which in turn floods our job market with an excess of workers, thus driving down wages, and making it more difficult for older Americans [BOOMERS] to find work, diminishes our social welfare (rationed health care that limits quality of care, limits care for the elderly)and steals away our ability to live a quality life as Senior Citizens by decimating our Social Security benefits that WE HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR, you have what can only be called a Boomer Genocide, a deliberate Holocaust visited upon America's elderly, a systematic plan meant to visit early death and destruction on a particular segment of the society, the American Baby Boomers...Obama is doing this, because he knows he can get away with, knows he can convince the youth it is IN THEIR BEST INTEREST to abandon, even shun those that paved the way for their generation. Listen to Obama...he does not speak about taking adequate care of US BOOMERS, but instead says things like, "We cannot saddle our children with this debt", or "we must deal with health care now for our children's sake". The pavement stones are being laid whereby American Society can guiltlessly allow millions of Boomers to die in the name of forward progress.

Obama intends on PUSHING HEATH CARE THROUGH in a matter of months. He intends on following that up with a White House attack on our Social Security Benefits...wake up Boomers, this is a fight we must WIN...A socialistic, Canadian style Health Care program sentences every one of us to an early death, shortens our life span, positions each of us to become victims of Obama's Great Socialist Experiment, will defacto make us the target of a Boomer Genocide. Our heath safety net weaken, our monthly social security checks CUT IN HALF, we will slowly be herded into storage facilities (Old Age Communities and nursing home) to die, elephants sent to ancient burial grounds to wait their turn to die where upon they will be burned in the great crematoriums in the name of Obama's future vision. The time has come for the Boomers, all 75 Million of us to raise up our voices, exercise our political muscle in stopping the insanity of one out of control Harvard Law School Graduate suffering from a God Complex.