Friday, March 6, 2009

Judge John Wully, GET A CLUE....You ARE NOT Deserving Of Respect

Judge Wulle, you really need to get a CLUE. I am not defending Mr. Hasting's outburst in the court, nor am I upset with you for your own outburst...I am upset at your STUPIDITY, at your naive and/or egotistical belief that your position of authority as a Judge somehow entitles you to a certain level of respect. There was a time when that would have been true, a time when Judges, Police Officers, even politicians here in America were INSTANTLY afforded a level of respect, the respect their position of authority entitled them to. Those days rightfully are LONG GONE, and you and others like you have no one to blame but yourselves.

As a Judge, sure you will profess to anyone willing to listen that we are a nation of laws, and that you are duty bound to uphold those laws. Sorry Mr. Wulle, but we are NOT A NATION OF LAWS, nor a nation of justice, and far too often assholes like you don't really UPHOLD THE LAW NOW DO YOU? Care too discuss Illegal Immigration, or maybe White Color Crime sentences verse prison sentences for the poor black man caught dealing drugs on a street corner. Justice? Hurricane Katrina Mother Fucker!

I had a cop come to my house last year...I'd reported something with the house next to mine (that happens to have Illegal Aliens in it). I stood there while THREE Illegal Aliens ADMITTED TO THIS OFFICER THAT THEY WERE IN AMERICAN ILLEGALLY, DID NOT HAVE VALID IDENTIFICATIONS. We both know none of them were arrested on the spot. Now tell me, if THEY CAN BREAK THE LAW and Police Officers don't do a GOD DAMN THING, why should I obey them, listen to them, or respect them? Here is a clue...I don't respect them any more, in fact with each passing day, with each new story about ILLEGAL ALIENS GETTING OVER my hatred grows. Did you know that SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS STILL HAVE JOBS IN AMERICA, meanwhile they just showed a tent city out in Sacramento where a couple of hundred OUT OF WORK AMERICANS ARE LIVING BECAUSE THEY LOST THEIR JOBS!

Like I said, FUCK THE COPS, FUCK THE LAWS, FUCK JUDGES THAT THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED to some degree of respect because they are judges. You want some respect there Mr. Wulle....EARN IT. Start putting your efforts into repairing the tarnished image of your profession...people HATE LAWYERS, distrust judges, and tolerate law enforcement only because they have the ability to put more guns on the scene than the average citizen can....sorry, but that is the truth. Our government's refusal to deal harshly with Illegal Aliens, our government, judges and law enforcements refusal to ENFORCE OUR LAWS has America on the verge on Anarchy, and if you do not realize that sir, you are too stupid to be sitting on the bench.