Friday, March 6, 2009

Attention New York Anti Illegal Forces...Boycott Opportunity This Sunday March 8th at 2PM (Immigration Rights PANTIE PARTY...SERIOUSLY!)

Calling all Anti Illegal Alien Forces in the vacinity of New York City...grab your favorite news reporter, a few of your friends and plan to BOYCOTT the Immigration Rights Revival "Operation Panty" event at the Highline Ballroom! If you live in the New York area and are an Unemployed American you need to BOYCOTT THIS EVENT....there are literally tens if not hundreds of Illegal Alien Criminals working at jobs that should be yours in New York as a direct result of Mayor Bloomberg's Safe Harbor, Pro Business Cheap Wage policies.

Immigration Rights Revival!March 8th, 2pm! This Sunday we celebrate the New Americans of NYC at the Highline Ballroom. On Saturday we will tour immigrant detention centers in the region, accompanied by New American rights advocates who are organizing to eliminate these centers and make immigration enforcement transparent.

Operation Panty! YOU can help women who are being detained by bringing gift women's underwear to our Highline Ballroom revival and organizers from OPERATION PANTY will get them to the women being denied this basic necessity.

Nine Shopocalyptic Songs and the Rev's Fulminations at the Highline Ballroom

Sunday, March 8th 2:00pm At the Highline Ballroom. All Ages. Lunch and Spirits Served. Hear the Choir's new song, Fabulous Bad Weather!

431 West 16th Street
New York NY 10011
Between 9th and 10th Ave

Take the A,C,E or the L Train to 8th Ave and 14th Street
Click here for tickets or call (212) 414-5994
Get on the Free Admission list when you become a fan of our Facebook page! First come first served...

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Amigos, El Reverendo Billy y El Coro de Gospel "La Vida Despues de Comprar" les complace invitarlos a nuestro concierto en El Highline Ballroom el 8 de Marzo un show dedicado a los inmigrantes y a los trabajadores en las comunidades que luchan por sus derechos!

Tenemos un número de billetes gratuitos disponibles para los inmigrantes, sus familias y defensores, por favor email o llámenos 347-693-8857

El Reverendo Billy y El Coro de Gospel "La Vida Despues de Comprar"

431 OESTE CALLE 16 (entre 9 y 10 de la avenida)

SHOW: 2:00 PM