Monday, March 2, 2009

Seems Ms O'Grady Of Wall Street Journal Fine With Using Racial Term in Her Article On Medical Marijuana

As one who supports the legalization of pot (and certain other recreational drugs), I honed right in on Ms. O'Grady's Wall Street Journal (Americas page ) article on Obama's decision to keep his campaign promise to leave Medical Marijuana Clinics in California alone...if you don't count the one serious raid earlier this month. Though I disagreed with her characterization, enjoyed her use of the antiquated even quaint word pernicious in her first set the tone for her article, made it obvious she was not happy with the decision. What I was not prepared for in her second sentence was her use of the RACIST DESCRIPTOR of Gringo when she said:

"Mexico's young democracy is already paying a high price for the lethal combination of prohibition and strong gringo demand for mind-altering substances."

Her use of the racist descriptor is made worse when she deliberately paints us as drug addicts addicted to mind-altering substances...never mind the fact that Obama's decision was to leave California's MEDICAL MARIJUANA clinics alone...guess Mary O'Grady is fine with cancer patients (one example) suffering horribly?

Talk about politically INCORRECT, or are racial terms and slurs only wrong when spoken by white people to people of color Reverend Sharpton? Blacks can call us Whitey, Cracker,or Honkie and that is OK. Latinos, and apparently Ms. O'Grady can call us GRINGO in a derisive and derogatory fashion, and that's fine? No, it is not fine, it is not acceptable, is just as offensive to whites as the word nigger or wetback is to the Black or Latino community. It will be interesting to see if Eric Holder, Reverend Al Sharpton, La Raza, MALDEF and the NAACP come to the defense of Whites as quickly as they came to the rescue of President Obama and the Black Community when they found a cartoon in the New York Post offensive, or when they claim racism because whites rightfully and legally refer to illegal alien criminals as...well, illegal alien criminals . What is it Reverend Sharpton...are you who you present yourself to be, or do Ms. O'Grady and the Wall Street Journal get a free pass on their use of a racist term because the racial insensitivity was directed at us White Folks?

Her use of the hostile and contemptuous word Gringo takes on even more of an attacking racial tone and nature when she uses it in an article that references Mr. "Americans are cowards when it comes to race" Holder. Seems we Gringo's (it is noted here, that the term Gringo is usually reserved for White Anglo Saxon's from England or America) have a serious addition to WEED, that when coupled with Obama's medical marijuana decision is ruining the young democracy of Mexico...odd she made no mention of 12-25 Million Criminal Illegal Aliens ruining America. Wonder what her position is on eleven million LEGAL AMERICANS being out of work while seven million ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS (most from Mexico) still have jobs in the American work force?

Seeing as she is associated with the Wall Street Journal (her racist article is on their web page), would be interesting to know her position on E Verify which if made into law for all employers (for both current and future employees) would instantly put 4 million Illegal Aliens out of work, and put four million Americans back to work in the jobs vacated by these you support E Verify there Ms. O'Grady, or support President O'bama's position that putting E Verify into the Stimulus Bill would cause too many Illegal Aliens to lose their jobs before he and Congress could grant them AMNESTY. (Yes Main Street America, you read that correctly.)

Setting aside the derogatory and racial use of the term Gringo, Mary Anastasia O'Grady goes on to argue that Legalizing pot instead of keeping it illegal would cut Drug Cartel incomes by half. So, lift the ban on Marijuana, let Mexicans turn it into a legal cash crop that they can IMPORT INTO America. Color me stupid here Mary, but I think we could GROW OUR OWN Marijuana here in America if it were legal, see no reason at all why we would let Mexico grow and import to America a cash crop that we can GROW BETTER, FASTER and MORE POTENT right here in America! GOD, have to love a racist Wall Street Journal Reporter calling for the legalization of pot!

I would agree though that we could castrate the Cartel cash cows by legalizing pot here in America. Not only would we weaken the cartels, but we would neuter every Latino Gang in America, successfully close down their pot farms in our National Parks, give some relief to our Border Patrol so they could concentrate more on stopping the flood of Illegal Aliens and infected Mexican prostitutes that are coming across our southern border with Mexico. Legalizing Marijuana, letting American Farmers develop another cash crop would be a win/win for American law enforcement, and our LEGAL CITIZENS and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Further, with hemp again legal in America, we could regain control of the textile industry we allowed Corporate America to out source to China and its sweat shops...after all, the Green Fashion Industry loves hemp textiles for all kinds of reasons including its durability.

I think you owe every white American an apology there Wall Street Journal, but Mary O'Grady (her racism aside) might be on too something here! Pot heads UNITE...the Wall Street Journal is calling for the legalization of POT, Marijuana, dope, reefer! Quick, someone roll me up a BIG FATTIE, we need to celebrate.


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