Monday, March 2, 2009

JUST IN ON CNN....AIG GEts $30 BILLION More Of Your Tax Dollars

HOLD THE PHONE FOLKS....while we here on Main Street suffer, while President Obama is fine with SEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS having jobs while 11 Million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are out of work, our government has just announced that AIG (remember them?) is going to get a THIRD BAILOUT for another THIRTY PLUS BILLION DOLLARS!

Bailouts for Banks and a Wall Street that ROBBED US BLIND.
Bailouts for AIG for insuring all those bad mortgages.

TWO MILLION Illegal Aliens get MORTGAGE BAILOUTS compliments of our taxes.
4.5 Million ANCHOR BABIES of Illegal Aliens get MAJOR HEALTH INSURANCE compliments of our tax dollars.

President Obama refuses to put E Verify into Stimulus Bill because too many Illegals would lose their jobs!

President Obama wants to give 12-25 Million Criminal Illegal Aliens AMNESTY under the guise of Earned Citizenship through another so called Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that will be introduced in April.

THE MESSAGE TO MAIN STREET AMERICANS....CRIME DOES PAY for BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, CORPORATE AMERICA AND ILLEGAL ALIENS, but those of us in the Middle Class will go to prison if we even think about stepping out of line.

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Mike said...

I don't know, I'm just a stupid engineer, designing, building and maintaining broadcast operations. So somebody needs to explain to me why we have to honor AIG contracts. If we didn't bail them out they (AIG) would have gone down and all those contracts would be junk and not honored. Now did we "bail them out" and just get kicked in the face or did we "buy the company" and now forever own it? ummmmm...