Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did Mortgages To Illegal Aliens in Six States Crash American Economy...New Study Indicates That Reality

Sure that La Raza and MALDEF will want to cry foul, but what if the Crisis we have right now in America was CAUSED BY Illegal Aliens BUYING HOMES in just a few of our states? Mortgages given to Illegal Aliens, or their families here in America burning the American Economy to the ground....and in the mean time, while 11 Million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are out of a job, their hopes and dreams quickly fading away, Senator Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Barack OBama are doing everything in their power to Protect ILLEGAL ALIENS until they can convince Congress to give them an undeserved AMNESTY. Here is and IDEA OBama....E VERIFY!

Well over 50 percent of the home foreclosures in 2008 occurred in 35 counties located in just a few locations/quadrants of America. 35 Counties, 12 states, and 1.5 MILLION many of those foreclosures are on loans associated with Illegal Aliens, and are we as Main Street Americans going to stand by while Barack Obama bails out Illegal Aliens and those banks that wrongfully GAVE THEM MORTGAGES? We deserve ANSWERS, and we must demand CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS...while those investigations are going on, lets get all Illegal Alien Criminals OUT OF OUR JOB MARKET by insisting Congress vote in favor of attaching Senator Session's E Verify amendment to the Omnibus Budget Bill, and leave Barack OBama with NO CHOICE but to sign it into law. Examples of MAJOR DEFAULT AREAS include:

California...HEAVY Latino/Illegal Alien/Immigrant Population...heavy foreclosures....especially in Southern California (LA to San Diego).

Florida...Again, a state with a HEAVY population of Illegal Aliens.

Illegal Aliens are not known for moving into upwardly mobile middle class neighborhoods, but instead are found infesting economically distressed areas where housing is cheaper, and police presense that is there is already over burdened, leaving little time to worry about Illegal Alien Criminals and their unlawful enterprises. So it is no surprise to find out that some of the largest areas for foreclosures are in significantly DISTRESSED COUNTIES around Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix and Los Vegas as examples where we know large numbers of Illegal Aliens are hidden out. It is estimated that Arizona has around 600,000 Illegal Aliens, a large number of them living in and around many of the foreclosures in this area have their roots traced directly or indirectly too illegal aliens? How many loans to Illegal Aliens did AIG insure, and is this why the FED is hiding their SECRETS?

In over 650 counties nation wide, foreclosures from 2006 through 2008 ACTUALLY DECREASED why these Illegal Alien HOT BED AREAS roiled in foreclosures. REalty Trac's numbers are impressive, but there is need to go to the next logical area of research...what SEGMENT of American Society caused the Nationwide Real Estate crash? If it turns out that it was illegal alien criminals who are not even legally allowed to be in America, AMNESTY should NEVER BE ON THE TABLE! Further, we as a nation must take immediate steps to remove this scourge rom our neighborhoods as we RESTORE ORDER from the CHAOS they have created.


Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for months. It's not just the Mexican's involved, but many of the illegal Middle Easterner's, obtaining fraudulent mortgages, often pretending to sell to a family/cell member at a much higher price, obtaining a bigger mortgage, with this done several times in a couple of years, they have access to large sums of money to be sent to terrorist groups meaning us harm. No one in our gov't has any idea what to look for. Cut me loose with one lender, their stack of foreclosures, and I'll show you the fraudulent crimes, who to charge, etc. This will include the appraiser, buyer, seller, often the closing attorney and sometimes the lender. In the mid 80's I spent 2 yrs trying to get the FBI to investigate Landbank Equity (64m Bankruptcy), as well as the Va. Atty Gen, they couldn't comprehend it. Finally gave it to the Va.Pilot Ledger Star and it took 6 mo's to force them into bankruptcy. Then worked for the Trustee in Bankruptcy outlining what they had, as no one had any idea. This is a repeat of Landbank, only it's nationwide, and no one has any idea of what's happened, or what to do about it.

Royce Penstinger said...

Anonymous...difference is, the FED knows what they are doing.

1. AIG...160 Billion but the FED is mum on AIG's finances, and where the $160 Billion went.

2. It would have been a LOT CHEAPER to simply BUY THE TOXIC ASSETS, bt that was not done.

3. The 50 Billion Ponzi Scheme, and the guy gets to COP A PLEA! WE all know why that it...they do not want ANY OF THE DIRT to hit the newspapers that he knows. That old man did not scam $50 Billion without people knowing, CLEAR UP TO President OBama's Secretrary of the Treasury.

It was/is no baoilout that Illegal Aliens qualify to have their loans bailed out at our expense as tax payers! It is no accident that Senator Reid is trying to stop E Verify from being enacted into law. He and his lobbyist friends in the BANKING INDUSTRY do not want another 1.5 million of their loans going into foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

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