Sunday, March 1, 2009

China Whining About American Protectionism

All you have to do is visit a Chinese News site such as Xinhua and you can find editorial rantings by the likes of Li Rong railing against the growing Buy American sentiments sweeping across our nation as Main Street Americans encourage our nation to leave goods made in China sitting on store shelves as we Just Say No to American Dollars continuing to support the Chinese People and the controlling, manipulative and abusive government of President Hu. Li Rong whines that in this time of a shrinking world economy, other nations should be focusing in on "Free Trade" instead of putting up barriers that would keep China from their goal of stealing as large a share of the World Economy as they can to feed and cloth their unchecked and out of control population.

Seems a 200 member strong Chinese Trade mission is out and about trying to SHAKE DOWN any one and everyone they can guilt or bully to keep their own crashing economy from going into suggestion...every developed nation should JUST SAY NO to China until they can A) play fair, B) stop manipulating their own currency to their best benefit, C) stop their Human Rights violations, and D) given Tibet its deserved and long over due freedom from the oppressive Communist Government of China.

Meanwhile we here in Main Street America can only control our own spending, but that is considerable, and recent news articles in China show they are AFRAID of us lashing back at them with our pocketbooks, afraid of what will happen to China if America just says No to goods and services from Mainland China. Protectionism needs to be the call of the day...if you cannot find what you are looking for that is produced here in America, do without it. Go to the front of the store and tell the managers you are tired of CRAP MADE IN CHINA, that you want them to stop carrying Communist China products in their store. Bring jobs back to America by boycotting ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING CHINA.

China is angry as is witnessed by:

In this era of globalization, nobody is spared from the ongoing economic crisis. While countries around the world come up with their own remedies, some unfortunately resorted to trade barriers and the United States, the world's largest economy, even included a "buy American" provision in its economic stimulus package.

They are angry, but they are also AFRAID as they know we have the power to bring their nation to their knees, and it is time for us to exercise it, time to END THEIR UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES, TIME TO END THEIR ABUSES OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Buying anything made, produced or originated in China is supporting oppression, is supporting slave labor, is supporting human rights abuses, and is supporting dishonest and unfair trade practices. Be a true American by saying no to "Made in China".

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