Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wanted For White House Duty...PIG FARMERS

Let's make this CLEAN AND QUICK....where are some pig farmers with a few thousand pigs? They can be piglets! Surely some creative farmers can hook up with some Independent Truckers and drop off to OBama 8000 plus for each PIECE OF PORK in the Budget that President OBama is about to sign. Imagine the You Tube video as 8000 swine invade the White House lawn, perhaps piss all over the new swing set...swine for a SWINE. Speaking of the swingset...did the Obama family buy that swingset? If so great, but if it is A) an earmark, or B) paid for by a Lobbyist in the form of a DONATION, think said swing set needs to BE RETURNED from wherever it came.