Monday, March 2, 2009

Attention Baby Boomers...Obama is RAPING YOU

I could say the same thing about Main Street Workers, America's Middle Class, and Legal Citizens, but with 75 Million Baby Boomers watching as Obama DESTROYS OUR RETIREMENTS, sentences us to Old Age SLAVE CAMPS, the title and group it is calling to action seems appropriate. Let there be NO DOUBT...when Obama says there needs to be some hard decisions made, when he says there is going to be some pain, he is talking about RAPING 75 Million of us that are known as BOOMERS. Leave no doubt, the stripping away of the American Middle Class assets, the collapse of both the Stock Market (thus our retirement funds) and the Real Estate Market has been a deliberate attack on 75 Million Boomers, a Federal Government Plan that needs to come to an end...stealing away 75 Million Boomer's ability to retire cannot be allowed to happen, we should not be forced to work until we are 72 (Obama's yet to be announced plan to help save Social Security). Half crazed idiocy you say? Is it? Lets consider some facts.

1. Republican and Democrat alike have for DECADES stolen from the Social Security that the time has come for us Boomers to retire, to collect on our markers, they do not want to pay the piper.

2. Boomers played by the rules, we took advantage of the 401K/pension plans, invested trillions into the Stock Market...problem was, in a grand PONCE scheme, companies and our government suddenly realized that 75 Million Boomers approaching retirement HELD ALL OF America's ASSETS...what too do...CRASH THE STOCK MARKET, CRASH THE REAL ESTATE MARKET, FINANCIALLY RUIN 75 MILLION BOOMERS LEAVING THEM BROKE AND DESTITUTE.

Simply stated, our government and Corporate America backed themselves into a escape, they had to figure out a way to keep 75 Million Boomers working, while at the same time stripping them of almost ALL THEIR ASSETS. Problem is, there were other forces at work, and some unexpected consequences of their actions. In a perfect storm, Government never counted on Wall Street's GREED, nor did they count on two million Illegal Aliens (maybe more) buying homes when all those teaser rates were dangled in front of consumers. Further, do not think the Government planned on 11 Million Americans losing their jobs BEFORE they had implemented their devious plan to grant AMNESTY to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies. After all, how do you let SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS KEEP WORKING when 11 Million Americans are out of work?

In a perfect storm Obama wants us to believe we have no choice BUT TO TAKE OUR LUMPS in the name of future generations...he is lying to us, and we do have some choices, some of them potentially disruptive in nature, but we are in a fight for our lives, and for our Golden Years.

1. With the money laid out in the form of Bailouts to Wall Street, we could have paid off NINETY PERCENT of the first mortgages in American...100 percent if we would have disqualified Illegal Aliens.

2. With what we will continue spending leaving 50,000 troops in Iraq, sending more troops to Afghanistan, we could SAVE SOCIAL Security for Boomers while moving those in their 20's into a quasi private retirement plan coupled with a smaller Social Security nest egg. Bring home all Middle Eastern troops, and let that area of the world fend for themselves while American cuts Military Expenditures by 40 percent.

3. We could stop the mortgage crisis by making mortgages directly to American families at four percent interest...this has not been done because our Government knows America will not tolerate home mortgages paid for our with our taxes going too Illegal Aliens. Further, they would prefer us borrowing from banks so banks make a profit LENDING US MONEY they got from us via taxes.

So what too do?

1. Implement E Verify IMMEDIATELY...this will INSTANTLY put over 4 million Illegal Aliens out of work, and re-employ LEGAL AMERICAN FAMILIES. Soon thereafter the other three plus million will follow.

2. Verify that all business owners using Federal ID numbers to operate businesses are actually LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Confiscate the assets of all illegal aliens operating businesses.

3. Begin massive ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS against the Illegal Alien population here in America. Yes, I am talking MASSIVE DEPORTATIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, and their children...sorry, but the time has come TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN.

A) Deporting all Illegal Aliens would put over seven million Americans back
to work in our AMERICAN ECONOMY.
B) Deporting all Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Babies would cut the number
of UNINSURED in our nation by over half...this reality would allow us to put off
Comprehensive Health Care Reform...a LUXURY we simply cannot afford right now.
C) Deportation of all Illegal Aliens and their offspring would allow us to
offer OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN a higher quality education than they are now getting
because of the overcrowding caused by Illegal Aliens and their off spring.

4. End all BAILOUTS to corporations and banks...let AIG fail! We cannot afford to wipe out the investments of our is NOT FAIR. The TRILLIONS in debt that Obama and the Democrats are racking up can no longer be continue. It is too much debt for our children, and his actions have driven ALL FAITH out of the Stock Market, creating a COLLAPSE FAR WORSE THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

5. Reduce and CAP Credit Card interest at eight percent...the says of LOAN SHARKING must come to an end.

Face it OBAMA, your great Social Experiment, your attempt at REPARATIONS for Blacks in the name of Social Equity is not going to happen. In one month as President you have all but guaranteed a World Wide Great Depression as you attempt to use fear (Like Bush) and a Bully Pulpit to CLAIM YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO FORCE ALL AMERICANS TO SUBMIT to your AGENDA that is dooming us all to failure.

BOOMERS, how much of your LIFE SAVINGS have Presidents Bush and OBama cheated you out of? BOOMERS, how much of your home equity has been stolen from you through dishonesty on Wall Street, and a government owned by their lobbyist? The time has come to STAND UP and say ENOUGH. Obama, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IGNORANT ASS HOLE. Your SOCIALIST AGENDA IS FAILING...every MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT out of your White House HAS TANKED THE one month, you have cost us BOOMERS 25 percent of the value WE STILL HAD LEFT IN OUR ACCOUNTS. YOU SIR ARE A SCUM without a clue. I do not care if Reverend Al Sharpton and your black community take offense at what I am about to say. Your EGO drove you to run for President TOO SOON, made you run for office before you were ready, and now your inexperience is RUINING A NATION...with all due respect Mr. Obama, you need to go take a seat in the back of the TEA OBAMA bus and let more experienced politicians try to SAVE US FROM WHAT YOU HAVE WROUGHT IN BARELY OVER ONE MONTH AS PRESIDENT.

For those who want to label me a upset and angry Right Wing Limbaugh Republican, I voted for Obama, voted a straight Democratic Ticket. When I voted for CHANGE, did not vote for a President that would drive me into Abject Poverty, Did not vote for a President that would IGNORE E Verify on the basis it would put to many Illegal Aliens out of work, and did not vote for a President that wants me to spend my Golden Years as a slave trying disparately to repay my far share of the debt he is wanting to run up with his SOCIALIST AGENDA. Lastly, WHERE IS AARP in bringing millions of OUTRAGED AMERICANS TO WASHINGTON to DEMAND REAL CHANGE....change that sees SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS REMOVED FROM THEIR JOBS SO THAT LEGAL AMERICANS WORK. Change that stops BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES FROM RAPING 75 Million BOOMERS. CHANGE That sees our GOVERNMENT REPAYING THE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM so that those same 75 Million BOOMERS do not spend their Golden Years standing on food lines! Rush Limbaugh wants you to fail Mr. President, which shows you JUST HOW IGNORANT HE have already failed ALL ON YOUR OWN.