Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do Not Be Fooled By Illegal Alien SYMPATHY TOUR...Coming To a City Near You

Latino Advocates and Lawmakers that support CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS are taking a new approach in their attempts to TRICK AMERICANS into granting Amnesty to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens. Using lies, and the ANCHOR BABIES of Illegal Aliens, they have launced a 17 city Sympathy For Illegal Aliens Listening tour with the intent being to guilt Americans into supporting Amnesty under the guise of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Biased radical left wing news reporters like Suzanne Gamboa (who writes all her immigration articles from a PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL/GRANT THEM AMNESTY PERSPECTIVE) and Karen Lee Ziner are doing their best to fill papers with ONE SIDE Pro Illegal Alien Rhetoric with carefully crafted sentences such as:

Latino lawmakers and advocates are taking a new approach to the push for changes in U.S. immigration policy, making a humanitarian appeal to Americans to support fellow citizens who have relatives living in fear of detention and deportation. (Criminal Illegal Aliens should live in fear of DETENTION AND DEPORTATION...if they do not like living that way, let them SELF DEPORT so they can end their own fear, and that of their family.)

Get out your violins and cry me a river! OK, lets present this carefully crafted piece of Pro Illegal Alien Propaganda in a more accurate light.

Members of the Hispanic Caucus, elected members of Congress are wrongfully using American Tax dollars to launch a decietful and dishonest propaganda campaign aimed at gaining Amnesty for 12-25 million criminal illegal aliens. Lets be honest here...those who aid and abet criminals SHARE IN THEIR GUILT. Illegal Aliens working in the American Economy are guilty of no less than FOUR CRIMES, two of them felony counts. More troubling, these lawmakers support seven million Criminal Illegal Aliens working while eleven million Americans have lost their jobs. Simply stated, these illegal aliens in the work force are stealing food from the mouths of American Children.

Come on Suzanne and see nothing wrong with Illegal Aliens using their Anchor Babies as shields against prosecution and punishment for their crimes, you see nothing wrong with seven million criminal illegal aliens working while eleven million LEGAL AMERICANS sit at home out of work, and running out of hope? What about our elected members of are congregating with, and spending tax payer money ON CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS. You see nothing wrong with this TREASON AGAINST YOUR NATION AND ITS PEOPLE?

National Family Unity to share with Americans that you want these Illegal Aliens to be granted Amnesty, and YOU WANT THEM TO BE ALLOWED TO BRING THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES TO AMERICA AS WELL? All total Congressman Guiterrez wants to grant Amnesty to 12-25 million Criminal Illegal Aliens, and allow these SAME CRIMINALS to bring in another 30 million family members under the guise of FAMILY UNITY...let them UNIFY BACK HOME IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY! Stop your smoke and mirrors, stop using the word CITIZEN when speaking of Illegal Alien Criminals...they are not CITIZENS, are not undocumented citizens, are not immigrants without papers! They are criminals that have stolen over seven million jobs from out of work Americans, are stealing FOOD FROM THE MOUTHS OF OUR CHILDREN.

Americans, ignore the fact your children ARE NOT EATING. Forget the fact that you are out of work while SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS CONTINUE TO DRAW A PAYCHECK, but instead concentrate on these poor folks just breaking our laws to live their own American Dream by stealing yours. Where is YOUR HEART, where is YOUR COMPASSION you selfish PRICKS...dammit, these Criminal Illegal Aliens deserve your jobs, their children deserve to eat while your children STARVE! If you do not like illegal aliens here in America, THEN MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!

To those in the NO AMNESTY camp, BE PREPARED...we need LEGAL AMERICANS AND THEIR STARVING CHILDREN TO CONVERGE ON WASHINGTON DC IN APRIL...that is when the Pro Illegal Alien supporters intend to have Illegal Aliens and those who support them in our Nation's Capital to testify before Congress, intend to DEMAND their, "WE ARE MORE DESERVING THAN AMERICANS AMNESTY!

The 17-city “listening tour” is being led by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus compliments of OUR AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS. Conducted through faith-based organizations, the tour will gather “the human stories of the impact of immigration policies” on “mixed-status” families, including U.S. citizens, and bring them to Washington, D.C., in April.

Their plan...use the ANCHOR BABIES as Poster Children for Amnesty, claim that sending Illegal Aliens packing breaks up the family. It does not do that, the entire family IS FREE TO RETURN TO MEXICO OR OTHER NATIONS WITH THEIR LOVED ONES AS AN INTACT FAMILY UNIT. More importantly, forget the picture they are trying to paint. Ask yourself a simple question...Should you be unemployed so that a Criminal Illegal Alien can keep their job, should your children starve in the name of Amnesty for 12-25 million illegal aliens, and should you give up your American Dream for you and your children so that a criminal illegal alien can live his or her dream? Stand up America, MARCH TO WASHINGTON IN APRIL, and FACE THE INVADING HORDE OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS HEAD ON...let Congress MAKE A CHOICE, us or them, and if they choose Illegal Aliens, then the line has been drawn in the sand, and we on Main Street MUST TAKE A STAND.

Illegal Aliens are parading COACHED CHILDREN in front of cameras to ask President Obama, "Please don't deport my mom or dad." A disgusting tactic, but then criminal illegal aliens are disgusting low life people. Fight fire with fire...where are MAin Street Americans telling President Obama, "Please don't let seven million illegal aliens keep our jobs." or "Please President OBama, activate E Verify and continue work place enforcements so that I can get back to work and FEED MY CHILDREN."

For those that DOUBT THIS POST, here is the Pro Illegal Alien AGENDA as defined by treasonous Congressman Gutierrez himself:

1. Illegal Aliens want a moratorium on both Work Place Enforcement Raids, and on ALL DEPORTATIONS.

Seven Million Illegal Aliens currently hold jobs in America while over 11 Million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS are out of work. Immediate nationwide implementation of E Verify for all employers, and making it mandatory for all CURRENT and NEW HIRES would over night put over FOUR MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF WORK, would put at least three million LEGAL AMERICANS BACK TO WORK. Couple E Verify with GREATLY INCREASED ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES AT WORK PLACES, in neighborhoods known to harbor large criminal Illegal Alien populations, and home raids and you would see 80-90 percent of Illegals in America gone within 18 months between forced deportations, and self deportation when they can no longer find work in our Job Sectors.

2. The Pro Illegal Alien supporters want AMNESTY through a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would give them SUPER RIGHTS here in America:

A) Illegal Alien Criminals would get to keep their jobs, and be rewarded with UNION SCALE WAGES at work sites recieving Federal Funds (it is estimated that almost 2 million Illegal Aliens have jobs right now that are being paid for with our FEDERAL TAXES.

B) Most illegal alien CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR would be covered by the AMNESTY, including any charges related to Identification Fraud or Misuse.

C) Criminal Illegal Aliens would recieve an IRS Tax Amnesty.

D) Their families back home would MOVE TO THE FRONT OF THE LEGAL IMMIGRATION LINE, and their Visa requests accelerated.

E) E Verify would be HINGED to job guarantees for the 12-25 million illegal aliens already here, and further tied to LONG TERM agreements on a liberal Guest Worker program that would allow up to ONE MILLION GUEST WORKERS FROM MEXICO to come to our country yearly with the possiblity of CITIZENSHIP if THEY WANTED IT...forget what would be in the best interest of America and our citizens.

F) AMNESTY and Citizenship for up to 25 million illegal aliens, with only murder and other serious crimes being disqualifiers. Gang membership, drug dealing and other SERIOUS CRIMES would NOT DISQUALIFY an illegal alien from being granted AMNESTY AND FULL CITIZENSHIP.

More Troublesome issues for American citizens would not be dealt with under Comprehensive Immigration Reform, as Illegal Aliens and their supporters believe sensitive issues such as America's control of her border with Mexico are best handled as part of FUTURE TRADE NEGOTIATIONS, and or a renegotiation of NAFTA in exhange for a more liberal Guest Worker Program for Mexicans that want to work in America, but not remain here.


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