Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stopping Obama's Socialist Health Care Plan

To be perfectly honest, Obama's threats DO NOT SCARE ME, nor should they scare other Americans and members of Congress. There is a very good reason why Obama wants to force his Socialist Health Care Plan through before the end of the year...failure to get said legislation through by the end f the year DOOMS Comprehensive Health Care Reform. So, lets have a bit of a ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK here.

1. Obama promised us that EVERYONE would have a seat at the table, and instead what we saw today, was SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYIST had a place at the Health Care Summit today.

2. We as Americans have a right to DEMAND a seat at the table...Obama cannot have hearings for SOME AMERICAN CITIZENS, and not hold Hearings for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. HE has already committed to hearings, went so far as to announce some locations where public input hearings will be held.

So, what can we do...first, contact your member of Congress, demand that they hold at least THREE HEARINGS in their home district before the bill is written. This will allow us to have our RIGHTFUL input in the process. Assure your rights in this means by also writing a letter to your elected officials in Washington DEMANDING HEALTH CARE REDRESS...if enough Americans demand redress, both the House and Senate will have no choice but to open up legislative investigations...this one reality alone would eliminate ANY CHANCE of Obama's Socialist Health Care Agenda moving forward in 2009...2010 IS AN ELECTION YEAR FOR EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS...they will not touch Health Care or Immigration Reform. If we cannot get what we want (especially us 75 Million Boomers), then manipulating the system for MAXIMUM DELAY is our best option...never under estimate the power of a Monkey Wrench thrown into the machinations of government.

There must be NO FORWARD MOVEMENT on Health Care Reform until some HIGHER PRIORITY ISSUES are resolved for the LEGAL AMERICAN WORKER.

1. E Verify is FULLY FUNDED and made mandatory for every employer in America...further, employers will be required to use E Verify for all CURRENT AND FUTURE hires, not just future hires. This singular act will force over seven million illegal aliens OUT OF OUR AMERICAN JOB MARKET.

2. Significant Immigration Enforcement Action at both work sites, and in neighborhoods that involve EVERY LEVEL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. We have the ability to deport 98 percent of the Illegal Aliens infesting our American Society...we just need our government to take their noses of the ASSES of Corporate America and do their jobs.

3. By Presidential Executive Order, ALL FEDERAL FUNDING to safe haven/harbor communities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and New York will be terminated until such time as those cities change their local policies and begin fully cooperating with the Federal Government in identifying, finding, apprehending and deporting ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS.

4. Congress passes, and the president signs into law an Illegal Alien Bounty law that pay American Citizens and off duty law enforcement officers a bounty for the apprehension of Illegal Aliens who are successfully deported from America. This singular Illegal Alien Bounty Law will contribute greatly to Illegal Aliens making the decision to SELF DEPORT themselves.

5. Congress passes a law that denies services of any kind (this would include food stamps, emergency room medical care, PEL, TAP as examples) to Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Babies...said law would also resolve the loop hole that grants children of criminal illegal aliens INSTANT CITIZENSHIP because their parent (s) raced to an American Hospital to spit out another baby on American Soil so that they could get their grasp around an ANCHOR towards eventual citizenship.

6. Congresses passes a law making it a felony to hire, aid or abet illegal aliens in staying in America, in working in America with a mandatory minimum prison term of 36 months.

7. Congress eliminates ALL FUNDING for such groups as the Catholic Church, La Raza, and MALDEF, ACLU for programs that provide any kind of services to Illegal Aliens and/or those that support them.

8. Congress passes and funds, and the president signs into law the Southern Border Enforcement Initiative which would triple fence in the entire 2200 mile border with Mexico, add additional points of CONTROLLED ENTRY along the border, and add 25,000 new enforcement officers to the Border Patrol and ICE.

9. Congress passes a Moratorium on ALL IMMIGRATION for a period of ten years.

These nine steps all introduced and passed together shall become known as the Main Street Americans Equal Rights Restoration Package. Once these steps have been taken to dispose of the Illegal Alien problem, once Americans have been restored to the jobs that were wrongfully restored to them, and once our Southern Border with Mexico has been fully secured, then and only then should Main Street America allow Obama to bring Health Care Reform to the table for discussion. We have the power to TAKE HEALTH CARE REFORM OFF THE TABLE, and if Obama and the Congress refuse to work with us, we must take the necessary steps to protect our rights, our benefits, our JOB MARKET, and our nation. The time has come to bitch slap President Obama and his staff, show them that their BRAND OF CHANGE IS NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR.


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