Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't Hold Your Breath United Nations (and Bill Clinton)

So the two presidential candidates were at the UN today speaking at Bill Clinton's initiative to SAVE THE WORLD, and Obama was being RATHER GENEROUS with promises that would cost American Tax Payers several BILLION's a clue for McCain, Obama, Bill Clinton, and the UN...the United States is GOING TO KEEP OUR MONEY AT HOME FOR A FEW DECADES, so go find someone else to support all this wonderful plans to help people in other nations, who in return treat us like SHIT. So don't hold your breath waiting on all that money people promised today...they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR US.

16 billion dollars pledged to fight malaria, poverty

The United Nations has announced that 16 billion dollars have been pledged in new programmes to help slash poverty, combat disease and boost education in the world's poorest nations. World leaders and philanthropists made the pledge at a development summit in New York. Three billion dollars alone has been dedicated to the eradication of malaria, which kills more than one million people a year. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said the offers exceeded his most optimistic expectations.

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