Monday, September 22, 2008

Palin Arrives in New York For World Leader Speed Dating Episode

John McCain was having a BIRTHDAY PARTY with George Bush When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans.

Fpr those of you living in New York who are wondering what that stench is in the wind along the Hudson River, Sarah Palin is in Manhattan for a 32 hour World Leader Speed Dating Episode at the United Nations...have to admit, I am more than a little dissappointed in Bono being willing to play a part in this charade...he just dropped dramatically on my esteem meter. Perhaps he will redeem himself by actually asking her A HARD BALL QUESTION OR TWO IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS, otherwise, am dropping his music off my listening list.

In other breaking CUNT NEWS, seems that Sarah Palin said thanks but no thanks on the Bridge to Nowhere, while saying YES to the ROAD TO NOWHERE...which by the way, ends right where the planned bridge is eventually going to go. In short, she supports the bridge to nowhere, but thought she would stopping seeking an earmark for it until AFTER THE HEAT DIED DOWN.

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Matt said...

What is with the cake? I bet he got that from WalMart.