Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Get John McCain Elected, Republicans Silent On Illegal Aliens and Fence

Palin and McCain will suck the dick of the Pro Illegal Alien Movement To Win White House
With over 600,000 Americans out of work, many of their jobs stolen by illegal aliens, our wages depressed because of 12 million illegal aliens in our work force, one would think the Republican Party would be beating the Anti Illegal Alien Drums...instead, they are so desparate to get John McCain into the White House that they are abandoning the fence, abandoning calls to ENFORCE our LAWS, abandoning efforts to pass laws that would punish employers who thwart our laws and hire illegal aliens.
House GOP backs off immigration, avoids openly questioning McCain

House Republicans have resisted making illegal immigration a major campaign theme this year, aware that their presidential candidate is at odds with them on the issue and voters are more focused on the economy.

Many GOP members have previously questioned McCain for co-sponsoring legislation with Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) that would have put millions of illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship.

But now that he is at the top of the ticket and trying to win over Hispanic voters — a group that could help decide this year’s election — down-ballot GOPers have toned down their comments and refocused on other issues.

“Republicans think immigration is the issue to seal the deal for them, but it hasn’t been that,” said Lynn Tramonte, policy director for America’s Voice, an organization that supports the so-called comprehensive immigration legislation that McCain helped draft.

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