Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Speaking of Bailouts...Is It Time To STOP NUCLEAR INDUSTRY BAILOUT?

As long as America is focused in on bailouts, angry that our Government is spending hundreds of billions to bailout corporate America, this seems the opportune time to bring up the fact that George Bush, John McCain and Congress want to bail out the nuclear industry to the tune of $500 plus BILLION DOLLARS in incentives and guaranteed loans! Can we as a nation really afford to pick up the tab for a nuclear industry that cannot operate at a profit unless these companies are constantly subsidized THROUGH OUR TAXES? While you are calling up your elected officials to express your ANGER at Corporate Bailouts, you should tell them you are against Federal Funding for the building of 200 new nuclear reactors in America...not counting the guaranteed loans to the Nuclear Industry (over one trillion dollars), the DOE wants us as tax payers to pick up another $500 Billion dollars for GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Program), which amounts to America's middleclass being SADDLED with another $1.5 Trillion dollars in debt, yet recieving NO OWNERSHIP STAKES in the companies recieving this taxpayer corporate welfare!

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