Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How To Waste John McCain's Campaign Resources

Today in the mail I got not one, but two fund raising letters from Senator John McCain wherein he (or his staff)warn me of the dire circumstances of choosing the wrong man for the job. He trots out his same old George Bush policies of cutting taxes for the UBER RICH, and waiting for everything to trickle down to normal people like you and I. The letter goes on to ask me to make a GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION of up to $1,000, and telling me it is vital that I respond today.

Now, both of these fund raising letters came with a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOP! So, I sat down and wrote John McCain not one, but TWO scathing letters. I then inserted each into one of the SASE he'd been so kind to give me. Now, a member of his staff is going to have to recieve that envelope, open that envelope, and throw its contents away. Can you imagine 100,000 people following SUIT in this close election cycle? So people...if you support Senator Obama and recieve these mail fund raising letters, take advantage of the situation to waste Senator John McCain's limited resources.

*News note...Senator McCain today says it is wrong for average Americans to fill up the gas tanks of corporation tycoon heliocopters...does he feel it is wrong for Average Americans to fill up his wife's corporate Lear Jet?

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