Friday, September 26, 2008

Where's The Little Girl's Room?

Can you tell me where the little girl's room is? I really have to PEE! Katie made me SO NERVIOUS! I think I nailed it though! She tried to trip me up with that question on Russia, but I hit it right out of the park! Besides, she was distracted by my big HOOTERS...I like the place, they serve great fries. I hope America likes me, because I could do so much good if me and John get elected. I could convince John to sign a presidential decree to make Creationism mandatory in our schools, I could put an end to abortion, even when the woman has been raped, or is a victim of incest! I could quietly get someone in Congress to earmark money for that Bridge to Nowhere on threat of a veto of their bill if they refuse. I adore John, but could you imagine what would happen if he DIED? Imagine me, little old moose hunting, lip stick wearing rabid right christian zealot as the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT of the United States of America!

Watch Sarah Palin Make Ass of Herself

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