Monday, September 22, 2008

What Does Australia Know About Washington Bailout of Wall Street That We Don't?

OK, all day long the $770 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street has been all over the news as our stock market, what does Australia know that we don't? Their papers are saying it's a $830 Billion dollar bailout...where do they get the extra $60 Billion, and what is it going to be used for?

On a side it time for all of us who have lost our equity through no fault of our own to WALK AWAY FROM OUR HOUSES, STOP PAYING OUR MORTGAGES?
Shares fall as doubts grow over US rescue plan

Stocks are falling on the Australian share market as fears increase over the $830 billion plan to save the US financial sector.

Australian stocks have fallen 2 per cent, reversing some of the 9 per cent rally of the past two sessions.

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Capitalist Cowboy said...

Ill think you will find that ozzie dollars are different to US ones Doh!

btw, its not a wall street bailout its a Washington bailout, Washington sold wall st dodgy loans underpinned by the taxpayer.

So that will be the death of Socialism then?