Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Middle Class BAILOUT...Deport Illegal Aliens and Their Anchor Babies

As we all know, the $770 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street is starting to get snagged in the political process...no big surprise there. One of the hanging points for lobbyist is the wording that would allow a judge to REDUCE our mortgage payments in bankrupcy so that we could stay in our homes! This does not surprise me either.

Now, I have a question...

Some 12 million illegal aliens hold jobs illegally in America. This depresses our middleclass wages by over $200 Billion each year. Additionally, illegal aliens working illegal in America are sending (just to Mexico) over $120 Billion a year back to their home countries, taking that money OUT OF OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY! Further, some statistics suggest that over half of the UNINSURED in America are actually Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Babies.

Based on this facts, do you feel a plan to DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENs, a plan that would imprison company executives hiring them should be included in this Wall Street bailout as a means to help make Middle Class America WHOLE?

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