Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Puts Campaign On Hold...Who Cares, I Want To Know About The New McCain BANK SCANDAL

So, John McCain is SCOOPING Barrack Obama by going public with the fact that he is putting his campaign ON HOLD...what a sleeze, Obama's campaign called Senator McCain's people earlier today to suggest a joint statement, and have both of them put their campaign's on hold while they return to Washington to deal with the BAILOUT...once again, a perfect example of John McCain's ANYTHING TO WIN, even cheating attitude. Well, I have something more important to discuss.

We all remember John McCain's involvement in the KEATING FIVE. We also now know that John McCain's campaign manager was taking money from Freddie Mac up through just LAST MONTH...he justifies this by claiming he himself was not taking any money! Hello dick wessel, YOU OWN THE GOD DAMNED COMPANY!

Well, there is a bigger scandal, especially against the back drop of this $770 Billion dollar bailout of the banking industry. Let's talk about the FAILED Silver State Bank out in Nevada. This is one of the most recently FAILED BANKS in America. Well, it seems that John McCain's son was on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Seems that Andrew WAS IN CHARGE OF OVERSIGHT and BLEW IT, bailing out just a month before the bank went down the tubes, and in the heart of this ELECTION SEASON...where was this story on the SIX O'CLOCK NEWS?

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