Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If No Bailout For Main Street, Then No Bailout For Corporate America

All this week lobbyist have descended down on Congress like vultures looking for another meal. They have insisted that Middle Class Mortgage relief would be a Corporate Bailout deal breaker. Today we have had both Presidential Candidates playing one upsmanship out on the airwaves as they wrangle for positioning in the Bailout Debate. Tonight at 9 PM we have disgraced White House moron George W. Bush going out onto the airwaves to bed and plead for this deal to be made...what all these people have in common is one thing...NO BAILOUT FOR Middle Class Americans. Well, if we are not going to get a helping hand, then let Wall Street fail! We'll face that great depression if that is the cost, as that would be better than bailing out the ultra rich at the exspense of America's working class.

Here are the terms we the Middle Class want:

1. No Golden Parachutes honored for any company recieving a exceptions.

2. Put and end to corporations and companies hiring Illegal Aliens, and a plan put forth to deport those here illegally.

3. Bankrupcy reform that will save any American's first home...IE, allowing the judge to lower payments, or even discount the mortgage in a bankrupcy proceeding.

4. Taxpayer ownership in every company bailed out equal to said company's current wealth. If a company has a net worth of 10 Billion, and we give them 5 Billion, we get 50 stock ownership in said company...said shares to be distributed to every tax payer, not held by the treasury.

5. No bailout money to FOREIGN BANKS or FIRMS. No Exceptions.

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