Friday, September 26, 2008

Wonkette Live Blogging Pathetic

Went over to take a look at the Wonkette Live Blogging...was not impressed, and find their arrogance disgusting, a perfect example of what is wrong with Washington, DC. Have a look for yourselves.
10:48 — No one knows what happened. So! I am ending this. Ken may or may not take over. OPEN THREAD until then. Go out and play with your friends, is my recommendation.

DUDES: Your Wonkette will be at Finn McCool’s in D.C. (8th Street SE) in like 15 minutes (11:30). We don’t expect any of you douches to show, but if you want, look for the asshole with the red hair. LATER. Gonna get me some fish ‘n’ chips. (With their attitudes, who would want to meet them for a drink? Guessing Finn McCool's doesn't have very high standards for their client base.)

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