Saturday, September 27, 2008

Public Opinion Is In...McCain Got HIS ASS KICKED In Debate!

The results are in, and have listened to them on three different networks...John McCain got his ASS WALLOPED in the debate tonight, and showed himself A) to be an arrogant, snobbish, elitist prick, or B) is a CLOSET RACIST...either way, his refusal to look at his opponent has rubbed America the WRONG WAY! Even on the Iraq War Obama scored higher in the polls than McCain did.

I think McCain lost the entire debate when he insisted that we must FINISH to the BITTER END every war we ever start! Excuse me Mr. McCain, we ended the Korean War, were the soldiers in that war DISGRACED because we did not fight the war to a (quote and unquote) a successful end? You sir are a spoiled pamper ass munch who only survived your military career because your daddie and his daddie were admirals. Lets not forget, you crash FIVE PLANES while on active duty, only one of them in Vietnam...that IS SOME RECORD.

You lost tonight, and a big reason for that lose is the fact that you, like your wife Cindy are a spoiled elitist! You have no style, no grace, and probably need some serious counseling to deal wtih your anger issues and self loathing.

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