Friday, September 26, 2008

Pundits Declare Debate a Draw

Blah, blah, blah...etc., etc., and etc, so forth and so on. Why don't the networks get a clue and bring on some ordinary Americans instead of all these paid political pundits. Seriously, middle class America wants to hear from some ordinary folks, not talking political egg heads that live and breath politics 24 hours a day seven days a week. That being said, every one agrees that A) John McCain did not knock Obama down, let alone out, and B) when all the scores are tallied the debate was pretty much a tie.

My thoughts...first, that WIG Cindy McCain was wearing was absolutely HORRID! For a woman with so much money, you would think she could get a wig that did not look like it should be on Dukes of Hazzard.

I thought John McCain lost, and for mumerous reasons. He made it painfully obvious that he lives in the past, and harbors a great deal of anger towards OUR ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic. Electing him would be another four years of the George Bush doctrine and governance, where anyone against him (including US citizens) is the enemy. Personally, I've had enough of that, had enough of presidents trying to use fear to keep us in line. Further, the best he could come up with on the economy in light of the bailout was a FREEZE of every portion of government except veterans (which I agree with) and DEFENSE (which I disagree with). Americans are HURTING RIGHT NOW, and the worst thing we could do in our own time of crisis and individual family pain, is to FREEZE social service programs.

Side note...CNN just released the results of a phone poll...almost 600 people, and Obama wins and by DOUBLE DIGITS.

What I liked about Obama, was his willingness to sit down at the table with our enemies, to at least open up dialogue to see if some common ground could be found. I also like the fact that he is willing to RAISE TAXES for those earning over $250,000 a year. American Middle Class, ask yourselves if you would EVER SEE A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN EARNINGS? If you say no, then why are you wanting to vote for McCain...he wants to give the RICH AND ELITE $300 BILLION in taxes cuts under the guise that it will TRICKLE DOWN to you! It NEVER HAPPENS, that theory was espoused by Ronald Reagan, and if you do your homework, our Middle Class wages have been STAGNANT ever since. Ronald Reagon granted Illegal Aliens AMNESTY, promised it would be the last one as those illegals were depressing our wages. Under George Bush we saw another 8 million illegals come into our country, steal our jobs, depress our wages, and it is John McCain that wants to embrace George Bush's so called Comprehensive Immigration reform, which means AMNESTY, A GUEST WORKER PROGRAM, both of which will continue to keep AMERICA's MIDDLE CLASS UNEMPLOYED.

Obama told us tonight he wants to put a safety net back under the middle class...McCain wants to burn that safety net, wants to continue funneling riches created from our hard work up the ladder to the UBER RICH.

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