Friday, September 26, 2008

Pre Debate Analysis and Advice

HAve been sitting here listening to the pundits babble on about tonight's debate between John McCain and Barrack Obama, and have to admit to being amused.

John McCain is a bar room brawler that is losing on points going into the 12th round, to use a boxing analogy, in a 15 round fight...he has to go for a knockout, and that MAKES HIM DANGEROUS. He's going to try to go after Obama, going to do his best to unnerve him, to get him flustered and making mistakes. Look for McCain to fight a brutal pounding debate, trying to punch Obama into submission, weaken him for a kill, then go in for a knockout punch.

My advice to Obama...stay off the ropes, don't let McCain start punching on you. In short, you need to do your Muhammed Ali immitation, "Float Like a Butterfly, and Sting Like a Bee"...short crisp responses, quick jabs that land solidly, no trick plays. That being said, don't be afraid to take and have the chance to TKO McCain tonight. If the economuy does come up, which it well, bring up the Keating Five, and McCain's son who was on the board of directors for a recently FAILED BANK out in Nevada.

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