Friday, September 26, 2008

Polish Government Has Right Idea For Sexual Deviants (Catholic Priests) Who Sexually Abuse Children

Finally, a legislative action I could support from Poland.........actually, might not be a bad idea to incorporate this rule in America for Child Molesters, and out of control Wall Street Robber Barons.

Polish Castration Plans for Pedophiles Angers Brussels

Plans drawn up by the Polish Ministry of Health to treat pedophiles with compulsory chemical castration by administering pills that lessen the libido have shocked EU parliamentarians. But there is little they can do.

In mid-September, the government issued a statement confirming that "work by ministers of health and justice on a draft law on obligatory chemical castration for pedophiles was nearing completion."

According to Polish media reports, the ministry plans to make the treatment compulsory for repeat offenders. The pills would reduce or eliminate sex drive by suppressing the production of testosterone.

"Our idea doesn't yet have the form of a law," ministry spokesman Jakub Golab told the daily Polska. "We're currently consulting with sexologists ... We want to bring it into effect as soon as possible."

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