Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain's Bailout Kabuki Stage Craft

Perhaps the major networks, and the cable news networks should stop bringing on the political pundits, and instead bring a few of us from the Middle Class onto their shows, ask us our opinions, instead of trying to tell us what we should be seeing, explaining to us how we are supposed to percieve what is right before our eyes. John McCain's stopping of his campaign, his rushing to Washington, DC was first and foremost, nothing but stage craft, and bad stage craft at that.

His Republican croonies and the Republican Party could not have been more transparent in their attempts to stop what was becoming a Obama Juggernaut as the air was racing out of McCain's presidential race balloon. At best, Sarah Palin was a temporary distraction that has becomean embarrassment for first the Republican Party, secondly John McCain, and lastly the United States of America. The woman is so out of her league it is pathetic.

First, if you are stopping your campaign to RUSH BACK TO WASHINGTON, you do not hang around New York for an afternoon, evening, and part of the next day...hell, it is no wonder David Letterman is upset, and he has a right to be. Secondly, why say the debate SHOULD BE CANCELLED unless there is a debate, then when there is no deal yet made, flip flop and announce you'll be at the debate...come on McCain, surely you can be more original, surely your staff could make your political shannigins far less obvious and pathetic. Lastly, if you had REALLY PLANNED ON STAYING IN WASHINGTON, WHY DID YOU SPEND three and a half hours last night practicing for the debate?

Here is pulled this stunt for two reasons:

A) You pulled your ads to save money, and too change the news cycle.
B) You like the attention, and felt you were not getting your share, and this STUNT would change that, put you back in front of the cameras when your relevance was fading into the sunset.

Do yourself a favor...retire, and go spend your time with Cindy eating Cream of Wheat.

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