Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attention American Citizens In All Southern Border States....Have You ARmed Yourself and Your Family?

Let us not kid ourselves...Civil War is breaking out in Mexico, and our government is not putting troops on our Southern Border to keep said war from spilling over into America. This means our citizens living in Border states ARE ON THEIR OWN when this Civil War (being fed by Mexico's warring Drug Lords) crosses into California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and starts costing American lives, shedding American blood. There is a real risk of entire American Border towns being lost, American land lost forever as Mexican citizens fleeing warring factions cross into America in numbers never seen before even during the Illegal Alien Tsuanimi we have been experiencing in the last ten years as a result of our politicians ignoring the problem, refusing to enforce our laws based on orders handed down to them from the United States Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor, pro illegal alien organizations and lobbyist on K Street that represent them.

When you think of beheadings, murders and kidnapping that occur on a daily basis it would be natural to assume Afghanistan, Iraq, or perhaps the West Bank, but this is now the reality in EVERY STATE OF MEXICO. Running gun battles are almost daily occurances all along the Mexican border with America, and some small American communities are very alarmed as they watch drug lords coming into their towns, buying up houses with fist fulls of NARCO DOLLARS while our Federal Government, ICE, AFT, and the FBI do nothing. It is not a question of if but WHEN AMERICAN BLOOD IS SHED.

Calderon would more than likely already be in hiding, his Mexican Military over run if not for the fighting going on between the warring drug lords themselves...if these NARCO Criminals reach accord between themselves, it will be only a matter of weeks before it is the Drug Lords who are in complete control of Mexico, will have their NARCO ARMY perched on our Southern Border. This is the pending reality, but Obama's decision to send another 17,000 troops into Afghanistan has created a situation where the Pentagon will be unable to protect its own American Citizens, incapable of protecting entire swaths of the South West that could find themselves UNDER SEIGE...which begs the question for those living within 100 miles of the border with Mexico...have you armed yourself and your family. Do you have an adequate arsenal to protect your home from Mexican insurgents?

We have 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens within our borders right now...conservative numbers have 10 percent of Mexico's citizens illegally living inside the United States of America...their loyalty is NOT TO AMERICA, but to their homeland, perhaps to the very Drug Lords that could lead this invasion. This is not overly alarmist, it is a very real potential reality, and if you look at our troop committments in Iraq and Afghanistan, look at the equipment shortages already existing, and you suddenly realize that America's Southern State neighbors need to ban together, need to have a plan in place now for what might already be on the way, a Mexican Civil War spilling over into and involving every Southern State here in America as Mexican NARCO Armies carve out new territory. It is strongly suggested here that Americans in southern states liberally exercise their Second Amendment Rights...the gun (s) you buy today could very seriously SAVE YOUR LIFE SOONER THAN YOU THINK, and it is best to arm now while you can, as word on the Street has Obama doing everything he can through Eric Holder to restrict our Second Amendment rights sooner rather than later.

Some Facts:

5,630 Execution Style Murders in Mexico last year.
7,000 Mexicans have lost their lives in this Civil War.
2008 saw more Mexicans lose their lives to violence than died in both Afghanistan and Iraq combined.


Anonymous said...

For an interesting take on how millions of Mexican refugees running from a breakdown of order in Mexico may spark a civil war in the United States visit this site:

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