Saturday, February 21, 2009

Us or Them...Tell Congress NO TO AMNESTY

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Some facts you as a LEGAL AMERICAN need to know about Illegal Aliens as they make a move to get AMNESTY during 2009 as American Citizens on Main Street suffer through the Second Great Depression.

First, Illegal Aliens and those that support them are going to push VERY HARD for Amnesty in 2009, as the Great Depression we are at the beginning of sees their window of opportunity closing fast as more and more Americans LOSE OUR JOBS, while Illegal Aliens keep theirs for the simple fact they are willing to work for CHEAPER WAGES. To accomplish their goal, they are planning to REFOCUS the argument/debate away from Us Verse Them. Illegal Aliens will try to convince the American Public that LONG TERM granting Amnesty to 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens makes since...if you are out of a job, if you cannot put food on the table, do you really care about what some Illegal Alien or his descendants MIGHT BE CONTRIBUTING to the American Economy 30-40 years from now? We are in a Great Depression, and while 11 plus (actual numbers) MILLION Americans are out of work, have lost their jobs, SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE STILL WORKING IN AMERICAN JOBS.

Fact...the real unemployment/under employment rate for American Legal Citizens is actually over fourteen percent. Deporting all Illegal Aliens, forcing those seven million Illegal Aliens out of OUR JOB MARKET would put at least FOUR MILLION AMERICANS BACK TO WORK WITH BENEFITS INCLUDING HEALTH CARE in what would become a WORKERS Job Market as the supply was rebalanced to meet demand. Deportation is the only answer for Main Street American as we fight this crucial Us or Them BATTLE for our livelyhoods!

Fact...the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE for LEGAL AMERICANS that do not have a College Degree is TWICE THAT OF ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO HAVE STOLEN YOUR is especially true for Non College Educated Americans that Illegal Aliens have been stealing your jobs, are working in your jobs while you and your families STARVE. Simply stated the focus of the Illegal Immigration Debate must remain on the one singular point of reality...IT IS YOU OR ILLEGAL ALIENS...Us or Them. The choice is yours, but only if you plug in, protest and start LOUDLY letting Washington, DC know that DEPORTATION IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPTION FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Fact...Illegal Aliens have driven down middle and lower income wages by an average of almost eight percent. This figure jumps to almost 14 percent in both the Legal Immigrant and Black communities. Illegal Aliens are literally stealing money out of your pockets and putting it in theirs. They may want to build a Middle Class, but it is THEIR Middle Class they want to build by STEALING YOURS...again, the fight in the Illegal Alien debate at this time in American History is US OR THEM.

Fact...Illegal Aliens depress American Wages by $230 BILLION dollars EACH AND EVERY YEAR. You want to stimulate your own economy, then get rid of these LEECHES that are literally stealing bread off of your table. US OR THEM...that is the debate. Remember, CHARITY STARTS at home, so let Americans take care of Americans, and Mexico can take care of its own. Us or them.

Fact...Obama and YOUR SENATORS Stripped E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill. Obama wanted it gone because, "E Verify will cause too many Illegal Aliens to lose their jobs before Congress can tackle Immigration Reform, GIVE THEM A PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP." Your president siding WITH THEM in a US or Them Fight FOR SURVIVAL. Is that the CHANGE YOU VOTED FOR...starving American Children in the name of Illegal Aliens? Us or them.

Fact...leaving E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill will see upwards of 300,000 jobs created by the Stimulus Bill GO TO ILLEGAL ALIENS in a Us or Them fight for Survival.

Obama has recently said that he wants to START MOVING on Immigration Reform...Main Street Americans, you have been given your warning. Much like when we fought for our Independence, we are being called to battle. Instead of "The British Are Coming", we have as many as TWENTY FIVE MILLION Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies ALREADY HERE, and they are OUT TO STEAL EACH AND EVERY MAIN STREET Americans JOB, HAVE NO PROBLEM STEALING FOOD FROM YOUR CHILDREN'S LIPS TO FEED THEIR OWN. Us or them, and Congress has ALREADY BEEN BOUGHT OFF, is siding with the National Chamber of Commerce and Illegal Aliens in the name of winning the Latino Voting block in Elections yet to come.

This is our Boston Tea Party moment, the call to battle in a Us or Them fight for survival through this Second Great Depression. Americans for Americans and we need to lock arms and MARCH like we have never marched before. DEPORTATION IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE OPTION, imprisonment for ANY ONE HIRING ILLEGAL ALIENS. American Truckers, you are being called upon to organize a Drive In to our nation's capital. Show your Unity as Independent Truckers, put an end to the Super Corridor by turning Washington, DC into one huge parking lot. Out of work construction workers, Illegal Aliens have perhaps hurt you more than any other sector of our American Work Force, both stealing your jobs, and majorly driving down the wages of those lucky enough to still be working. Grab your families, your neighbors and Sparky the dog and march on Washington DC. I know that our PROUD AMERICAN UNION WORKERS CAN AMASS TEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS and put them in our AMERICAN CAPITAL. It is time Washington DC understands ONCE AND FOR ALL that Illegal Aliens are NOT WELCOME IN AMERICAN. Us or them, and the time has come to PUT AMERICANS BACK TO WORK.

It is US OR THEM, and pushing back is NOT ENOUGH...the time has come for some serious SHOVING as we TAKE BACK OUR JOBS AND OUR AMERICAN DREAM from Illegal Alien Usurpers and from members of Congress who are bent on committing TREASON in the name of the National Chamber of Commerce. Us or them, and I encourage every Main Street American to immediately start organizing and linking arms, as the outcome of this battle will be the difference between food on your American Table, and your children starving as you stand on a bread line.

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