Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama Signs StimuBUST Bill, Says 400,000 Will Go Back To Work

So, Obama has signed the StimuBUST Bill into law, is on CNN (and every other network) promising us that 400,000 people will be put back to work building roads, rebuilding our infrastructure...1) That leaves just 5 MILLION OF US STILL OUT OF WORK, and 2) Without E Verify in the bill, some are saying 300,000 of those jobs will go to Illegal Aliens...this is what you call Stimulus Barack Obama, this is what you call change? Why don't you go have a Circle Jerk with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and your other friends in the Hispanic Caucus. Straight TALK Mr. President...Americans WILL NOT TOLERATE CITIZENSHIP for 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens...we will take to the streets to DEFEND WHAT IS OURS, our jobs, our wages, the food on our tables from these usurpers...so which side ARE YOU ON Mr. Obama, as this fight is becoming VERY PERSONAL for most LEGAL AMERICANS in the lower and middle classes.

Further...PLEASE STOP YOUR LIES...you again just said this bill contains NO EARMARKS...that is worst than a lie Mr. Obama and you know it. You yourself had your staff SNEAK IN EIGHT BILLION for High Speed Rail. Your website for accountability is a bogus come on to the public, a fake promise of open and transparent government...just like your open http://www.whitehouse.gov/ overhaul that NOW LIMITS CITIZENS to 500 words in trying to express themselves. Why did you eliminate our ability to EMAIL you via comments@whitehouse.gov where we had the ability to EXPAND on our thoughts, actually express what we were/are thinking. You and your administration are putting up Strawmen to be knocked down while you, like your predecessor George Bush rape the working class at every step of your Presidency.

The StimuBUST is now law, and I am sick, as you have just raped the Middle Class in the name of Big Business, Cheap Wages and Illegal Aliens...I do not know how Michelle can sleep with you at night...OH....must be that hundreds of thousands of dollars ride on Air Force One you took with her so that the two of you could eat dinner in Chicago...tell me Barack...is that what you mean BY SACRIFICE? FUCK YOU BUDDY. Trust me, not all people are going to support this bill, and this man who voted for you is one of them.

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