Monday, February 16, 2009

Paul Begala on Stimulus...Don't Take The Money

Unlike Roland (I Worship Myself) Martin, I have always liked Paul Begala, credit people like him for my faithful viewing of CNN on a daily basis...lets not forget Cafferty who has just the right blend of cantakerousness about him to be lovable. I also want to point out that I voted for President fact, voted a straight Democratic ticket this last election. In Paul's opinion piece this morning he suggests those opposed to the Stimulus Bill simply NOT TAKE THE MONEY, and then rails against Republicans, specifically going off on South Carolina's Governor Sanford.

Not all Republicans oppose the Stimulus Bill, nor do all Democrats support it, and the people who's opinion (the middle class) really matters were never even given a voice in the CLOSED DOOR creation of this MONSTER being called a Stimulus Bill. ON some level I agree with Paul. I would love to see every average America take the $800 (for a family) Stimulus check and send it to Barack (THE LIAR) Obama who should get the new name of President Porksalot...and no, not talking about his behind closed door festivities with Michelle. He personally SNUCK INTO THE BILL a Eearmark of EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS (ONE PERCENT OF THE ENTIRE BILL FOR ONE MAN's PET PROJECT), using one of his aides to take care of repaying a campaign debt to the High Speed Rail folks...that dirty deed has instantly placed him into the scum bucket, trashes his promise to average Americans of BRINGING CHANGE to Washington Politics. Couple that with Pelosi's $35 Million for mice in San Francisco Bay, and I could barf on the lot of them.

I would love to see every LEGAL AMERICA refuse the Stimulus, would love to see millions of us marching in the streets of Washington DC, staging a sit in on the White House lawn of such immense size that Secret Service had no choice but to trot Obama out for a chat. Where is our Stimulus Mr. President? Where are our BUY AMERICAN provisions in the bill. Perhaps most important of all, where is OUR E VERIFY SYSTEM that would have caused many illegal aliens to lose their jobs, and have kept as many as 300,000 Illegal Aliens from stealing more of our jobs? It is estimated that at least 4.5 Million Illegal ALIENS are still employed in the American Economy...HELLO, over FIVE MILLION Americans have lost our jobs, are out of work...yet Congress and the White House refuse to enforce our laws as written, want to STOP BUILDING THE FENCE, and want to pass AMNESTY for the 12-25 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS that are here. That alone is reason enough to storm the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue demanding and audience with OUR PRISIDENT...after all, he is too busy sucking ass with the president of Caterpillar to have time in his busy schedule for Average Americans.

Sorry, but we need a collective FUCK THAT SHIT Nation Wide Protest. Our government ran the Illegal Aliens off and secured our borders in the early 50's and it CAN BE DONE AGAIN. Problem is, BIG BUSINESS and their Lobbyist have corrupted our politics, and nothing short of a serious uprising on the part of Average Citizens is going to change that. Curious American Truckers...Washington DC is trying to create a North American Union, and the Super Corridor is being built so that Mexican Truckers can move your freight, steal your jobs, destroy America's trucking industry, putting almost every Independent Trucker on the unemployment lines. How many of your rigs would it take to turn the Beltway around Washington into a GRIDLOCKED parking lot until a bill was passed that secured our borders, and put an end to the eight lane super highway that would run from Southern Mexico's (now being built) deep sea port to Canada, thus allowing China to bypass the Port of Los Angeles, skip the process of hiring American Truckers to move their frieght except on a local basis.

Curious many LEGAL AMERICAN sheet rockers, framers, roofers and others have seen their wages lowered, or are out of a job because ILLEGAL ALIENS are on the job site? There are a lot of CONSTRUCTION JOBS (shovel ready) in that stimulus bill, but if you do not stand up, if you do not protest, it is estimated that 300,000 of those jobs will go to ILLEGAL ALIENS because the Senate and President Obama stripped E Verify out of the Stimulus Bill. HELLO, you are OUT OF WORK, ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE STEALING BREAD FROM YOUR CHILDREN...where is your ANGER, WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE, WHERE IS YOUR ABILITY TO TAKE YOUR COLLECTIVE VOICE INTO THE STREETS IN OUTRAGE?

Paul Begala was so busy writing a PARTISAN PARTY PIECE, that he missed the real story that is right in front of his face...a lot of Average Americans would love to shove this Stimulus Bill right up the ass of our newly elected president, a lot of us would like to give the Congress a serious piece of our mind, because we are TIRED OF POLITICS AS USUAL, tired of elected officials writing bills for their cronies in Big Business...what happened to THAT CHANGE we were promised. If this Business as Usual Stimulus Bill is and example of OBama's CHANGE IN WASHINGTON, he can keep it, and he has betrayed the American people living on Main STreet. Those not happy with the Stimulus should not take the money...instead, they should take their checks in hand and march to Washington, DC to demand their Constitutional Right of REDRESS.
By Paul Begala
CNN Contributor
Editor's note: Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN political contributor, was a political consultant for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign in 1992 and was counselor to Clinton in the White House.
Paul Begala says South Carolina's governor should refuse to take federal aid he opposes.

Paul Begala says South Carolina's governor should refuse to take federal aid he opposes.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina took umbrage at my writing that his approach to the economic crisis is to do nothing. I'll deal with his "ideas" in a moment, but first let me make a modest proposal:

If Republican politicians are so deeply opposed to President Obama's economic recovery plan, they should refuse to take the money. After all, if you think all that federal spending is damaging, there are easy ways to reduce it: Don't take federal money.

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