Friday, February 20, 2009

True Justice...Acid His Entire Face, Not Just Eyes in Iranian Case of Blind Justice

Ameneh Bahrami wants ancient justice, and eye for and eye...this is upsetting many in the Human Rights movement...get over it. Have you seen this woman's face? Acid dropped into the eyes of Majid Movahedi (the spurned man who threw acid on her) does not seem harsh enough. He may end up blind, but not permanently scarred as his victim is. I salute Ameneh for demanding justice rather than accepting a small token pay off of some Blood Money. I think she is entitled to more justice than just acid in this mans eyes...she should be allowed to have him permanently disfigured. Those who are upset with the victim need to get a clue...maybe if we had some eye for an eye justice here in America we would have lower crime rates...we could start by chopping off the hands of every Wall Street executives and bankers that have robbed us blind, trashed our economy...that seems far more right than Bloomberg wanting to spend $45 Million of our tax dollars RETRAINING THEM.
By Reza Sayah
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Ameneh Bahrami is certain that one day she'll meet someone, fall in love and get married. But when her wedding day comes, her husband won't see her eyes, and she won't see her husband. Bahrami is blind, the victim of an acid attack by a spurned suitor.
Ameneh Bahrami said her attacker pestered her with marriage demands.

Ameneh Bahrami said her attacker pestered her with marriage demands.

If she gets her way, her attacker will suffer the same fate. The 31-year-old Iranian is demanding the ancient punishment of "an eye for an eye," and, in accordance with Islamic law, she wants to blind Majid Movahedi, the man who blinded her.

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