Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking On Harvard Graduate, President Barack Obama...Illegal Immigration

Though Barack Obama strikes me as a stubborn man used to getting his way through stealth, deceit or trickery, he does not strike me as thick, nor stupid. He after all was Editor of the Harvard Law Review, graduated high in his class, and has shown himself to be a brilliant tactician. It is these traits that make some of his comments and views on Illegal Aliens completely unacceptable, why I am publically taking him to task in this blog...as an attorney, as the Editor of the Harvard Law Review he understands and knows what an illegal alien is, knows that Pro Illegal Alien Groups are trying to muddy the waters when they say America's Illegal Alien issue is and immigration issue. It is not, it is a criminal issue that needs to be dealt with as such.

In a debate at Saint Anselm College, in typical lawyering double speak Obama said, "We are a country of immigrants. We're also a country of laws. And the question is, how do we balance that appropriately? I am hopeful that we can solve this problem constructively."

DANG Mr. Obama, you must be related to both Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton, because that is a line that Slick Willy would have been proud to make, but stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Main Street Americans. Yes, we are a country of immigrants...LEGAL IMMIGRANTS of which illegal aliens ARE NOT. GET IT? By law (we are a nation of laws) those who enter and/or stay in America wrongfully, without permission are classified as ILLEGAL ALIENS. We have already balanced being a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. America has some of the most LIBERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS in the world Mr. Obama, and the means by which to enter into and live in America are codified into law. We do not need Immigration Reform, we need IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT.

We can solve this issue constructively...we can begin prosecuting those who hire Illegal Aliens, and we can make the use of E Verify mandatory FOR ALL EMPLOYERS for ALL EMPLOYEES, both past, current and future. These two CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIONS alone would see a huge part of the illegal alien problem dissappear. With Illegal Aliens no longer able to steal jobs from LEGAL AMERICANS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, most of them would self deport when they cannot work, and those remaining could be fairly easily rounded up by ICE and the Border Patrol. See how easy that is? Tell me Mr. Obama, with over 5 million Legal Americans OUT OF WORK, is it fair for 7.5 MILLION Illegal Aliens to be ILLEGALLY holding down jobs, working when Legal American citizens are not?

In the same debate, Mr. Obama you made another ODD QUOTE when you said, "We want to have a situation in which those who are already here, are playing by the rules..."

WHOA! Stop RIGHT THERE Mr. President. You are an attorney, you know what a repeat offender is. Every Illegal Alien who is living and working in America is guilty of no less than FOUR (COUNT THEM) crimes against SOCIETY, and in most cases far more than four crimes. Where in that reality do you come off with your statement that ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO ARE HERE, WHO ARE PLAYING BY THE RULES...what rules are they playing by Mr Obama? The ones that the National Chamber of Commerce and the Association of General Contractors wish they could get enacted into law?

I will never say another bad word about you Mr. Obama if you can show me IN THE LAW the RULES YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT that condone the illegal activities these Illegal Aliens are deliberately involved in...SHOW ME THE RULES! Come on Mr. HARVARD GRADUATE...I am just a dumb old Blue Collar worker, SO SHOW ME THE RULES that let illegal aliens unlawfully enter into our country, work under the table or use a fake ID to get a job that they are not entitled to, and still be playing by the rules of a LAWFUL SOCIETY. What rules are these ILLEGAL ALIENS PLAYING BY that entitle them, in your view, to AMNESTY, to your pathway to citizenship? What rules give them the right to STEAL MY AMERICAN DREAM MR. PRESIDENT? WHAT RULE GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO DEPRESS AMERICAN LOWER AND MIDDLECLASS WAGES BY OVER $200 BILLION A YEAR, ONLY TO HAVE OUR GOVERNMENT WANT TO GIVE THEM AMNESTY. What rule lets many of them who work under the table, not pay taxes, then if they get AMNESTY have those UNPAID TAXES EXCUSED IN A SECOND HIDDEN IRS/TAX AMNESTY? SHOW ME THE RULES OBAMA!

You made some promises to AMERICAN CITIZENS when you were running for the highest office in the land. In your haste to brown nose MALDEF, LA RAZA and other Pro-Illegal groups including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus you seem to have lost track of them, and others you made GO AGAINST OUR LAWS, and GO AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE MAJORITY...tell me Mr. Obama are we a nation of laws, are we a nation where our government rules BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE (as in CITIZENS)? You promised BORDER SECURITY that would stop the flow of illegal aliens and illegal drugs into America, yet you and your Democratic Congress are now wanting to TRASH THE FENCE and PUSH FOR AMNESTY...where is OUR BORDER SECURITY? Why didn't you tell President Calderon where to get off when he threaten you (and us as citizens) with an even LARGER FLOOD of his countries citizens...stop letting Mexico use America as their WELFARE SYSTEM...you need to take care of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO ARE HURTING WHO ARE OUT OF WORK.

Further, you said EMPLOYERS HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE...we agree, so how do you square this statement, this promise to the LEGAL AMERICAN WORKER with your specific reguest to Congress to ELIMINATE E Verify from your Stimulus Bill? E Verify is over 99 percent effective. E Verify included in this bill would have identified and located over 800,000 Illegal Aliens who are currently employed in jobs that ARE RIGHTFULLY AMERICAN JOBS FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Further, inclusion of E Verify would have kept illegal aliens from stealing 300,000 of the jobs this stimulus bill is supposed to create FOR AMERICANS. That is a turn around for the LEGAL AMERICAN WORK FORCE of 1.1 Million people...that puts 25 percent of those Americans now out of work back in a job, recieving a paycheck, paying taxes...so tell me Mr. Obama how you justify E Verify not being included in your stimulus bill.

Calling a spade a spade Mr. Obama, what kind of a dispicable person are you to state E Verify would cause to many illegal aliens to lose their jobs before Congress had a chance to act on COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM and should therefore be LEFT OUT of a Stimulus Bill...that statement from you Mr. Obama MAKES YOU GUILTY OF TREASON, and there is no other way to slice it. You are aiding and abetting illegal aliens, are allowing foreign nationals to steal jobs away from American Citizens that you HAVE SWORN TO PROTECT, are winking at the National Chamber of Commerce and telling Corporate America, "BREAK OUR LAWS, HAVE YOUR CHEAP WAGES MY FRIENDS"! This is no longer a policy difference Mr. Obama, this is CAUSE FOR IMPEACHMENT!

Drunk Drivers have their driving priviledges suspended because they broke the law. That is the way it works...yet YOU Mr. Obama want to reward law breakers with a drivers license while you work to get them AMNESTY! Giving them a Drivers License makes it ALL THAT MUCH EASIER for them to STEAL OUR JOBS! Getting a drivers license makes it easier for them to open up a bank account, apply for credit cards, and hide their illegality as they BLEND IN to American Society. As an elitist who does not have to worry about them stealing your job you are fine with that reality...problem is, those of us who you are supposed to lead ARE OPPOSED TO AMNESTY, and OPPOSED TO ILLEGAL ALIENS BEING GIVEN DRIVERS LICENSES. We want our dreams back, and we want our neighborhoods back...simply stated, we want MASS ROUND UPS AND DEPORTATIONS. A $10,000 BOUNTY on the head of every illegal alien would stimulate the economy Mr. Obama, would put millions of Americans back to work as these criminals fled America back to their home countries. Time to DO THE RIGHT THING BY AMERICANS MR. OBAMA, not the right thing for Mexico, not for President Calderon, not for a voting block...this is not a race issue though La Raza would like to make it one, it is a law and order issue, and it is a humanitarian issue wherein the American People need you and Congress to do what is RIGHT FOR US, not what is right for criminals that have stolen our jobs, infested our communities.

You state Mr. Obama that your father came here from a small village in Africa...unless I am wrong, your father (unlike your Aunt who should be deported) came to America legally. You see Barack, your FATHER played by the rules, and you have been blessed as a result of his law abiding activities, while your Aunt did not play by the rules, which is why she is going to be deported (or should be) unless you wrongfully step in and allow her to stay because of nepatism. We are not AGAINST LEGAL IMMIGRATION Mr. Obama, we are against ILLEGAL Immigration, want criminals prosecuted and deported, not rewarded with citizenship through AMNESTY. You may not want to DRAW THAT LINE IN THE SAND Mr. Obama, but if you do not draw it, you are openly asking for another Civil War here in America. Desparate LEGAL CITIZENS are not going to sit by while ILLEGAL ALIENS STEAL THE FOOD FROM OUR TABLES, STEAL OUR JOBS, DEPRESS OUR WAGES when American is on the brink of another Great Depression, and if you and Congress think you can force such a reality on us through the passing of a AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS you are naive and far stupider than I think you are.

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