Friday, February 20, 2009

Gibbs GET A CLUE...The President's HOUSING PLAN Does SUCK

Gibbs, in a general sense CNBC'S Rick Santelli was right...the President's Housing Plan sucks, does NOTHING for most Americans that have PLAYED BY THE RULES. Stop your smoke and mirrors games. So what if the President's plan helps millions of home owners that, simply stated, cannot afford their homes, are behind in their mortgages. What does it do for those of us that have played by the rules, but now because of the Real Estate CRASH find ourselves in upside down mortgage. NOTHING! All those future things it is going to do for things like interest DO NOTHING FOR US, so stop the PRESIDENTIAL CON GAME.

I do not like smoke and mirrors, and that supposed $6,000 eventual gain in my home's value does NOT COME CLOSE to what I and others have lost in principal because of Wall Street and the banks CRIMES. By the way, where is our reduced interest is a clue...banks do not want to refinance us to LOWER INTEREST RATES because we are CURRENT, and they need the money. Where is our YEARLY REWARD for keeping our mortgages current? OH...WE DO NOT GET ONE...why not? Is it fair that those who have fallen behind in their mortgages get help, BUT THE REST OF US DO NOT, they get a BONUS for keeping current, but WE DO NOT?

Here is a CLUE Mr. GIBBS...Obama and Congress can help all of us, or several million of us are just going TO WALK AWAY FROM OUR UPSIDE DOWN HOMES, and if you think it is ugly now, wait till that happens. A more so than Obama telling America's Mayor's that he will CALL THEM OUT...tell the President TO FUCKING GROW UP...this is not some pick up basketball game he is playing. You should take the SAME ADVICE...instead of taking hard honest criticism, you decide to use your own White House podium to do some TRASH TALKING...keep your coffee, you probably are a lousy conversationalist.

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