Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Cruising around the Internet found a You Tube video from a Hispanic Station wherein they are insisting, and President Obama is saying that "Americans want a comprehensive solution to immigration that includes a pathway to citizenship for ILLEGAL ALIENS". Let me correct you Mr, Harvard Graduated President OBama, and set the record straight for this Hispanic Station.

Over FIVE MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK. Illegal Aliens have depressed our wages and stolen our jobs for too long now as the National Chamber of Commerce lobbies Congress for CHEAP WAGES. Well, we are tired of these criminals being coddled, and we want EVERY STINKING ILLEGAL ALIEN VERMIN DEPORTED...they are criminals. So there is NO MISTAKE, THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE...we want ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS DEPORTED TO THEIR HOME COUNTRIES, be they German, Irish, Japanese OR MEXICAN! We want those illegal aliens that have broken our laws (that would be all of them) criminally prosecuted and instantly deported, we want those who have hired them to be prosecuted, and we want ALL FUNDING for Day Laborer Centers run by Catholic Charities to lose their grants.

Is that clear ENOUGH Mr. Obama...do you understand the basic fast that we want these SCUM SCAB LABORERS DEPORTED, that we DO NOT WANT ANY KIND OF AMNESTY DISGUISED AS COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. If your skull is so thick that you still do not get it, I will be more than happy to draw you a picture.

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