Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Launch...Americans For Americans

Washington Scandal is pleased to announce the launch of, "Americans For Americans". The premise is simple...Americans for Americans and all that entails.

The time has come for Americans to take care of our own, thus Americans for Americans. Illegal Aliens in our work force number in excess of seven million while over five million Americans have lost their jobs in the last is time for Illegal Aliens to go (as in DEPORTATION). It is time for every segment of our government to take legal actions against all companies and individuals hiring or helping illegal aliens, from the Homeland Security employee hiring a illegal alien housekeeper to the National Chamber of Commerce with their CHEAP WAGES, Pro Illegal Alien Lobbying of our elected officials, and even priests in the Catholic Church. Those that support or hire Illegal Aliens must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and SHUNNED by Legal Americans across America. W edo not need immigration reform, we need immigration enforcement. Americans for Americans is a place where average Americans can EXPOSE THE SCUM WHO EMPLOY and/or AID Illegal Aliens. A place where those who wrongfully push for AMNESTY in the guise of Earned Citizenship will be exposed (Association of General Contractors), clear up to and including President Barack Obama who has been making far too many promises of Amnesty to the Latino Special Interests groups such as La Raza and MALDEF who believe criminal illegal aliens are ENTITLED TO YOUR JOBS, ENTITLED TO STEAL YOUR AMERICAN DREAM.

Americans For Americans will track Stimulus Spending, will hold government and business accountable to PAGE 469 of the bill which stipulates Stimulus construction projects MUST BUY AMERICAN.

Americans For Americans will encourage Americans to STOP BUYING ALL ITEMS produced in China. For too long we have bought into the Walmart Falling Prices, Cheap IS A GOOD THING culture that has destroyed our American Manufacturing base, shipped our good paying jobs over seas. The train has come into the station, and the time has come to Buy American so that Americans can be PUT BACK TO WORK as manufacturing jobs return to our shores. Let Presiden Hu and Communist China learn to live without hundreds of Billions of US Dollars flowing into their bank accounts on a yearly basis. Don't kid yourselves...China has CHEATED FOR DECADES, does not deserve Most Favored Nation Trading Status, and they are now taking their CASH RESERVES and trying to corner the worlds natural resources market while everyone is BROKE so that they can hold us hostage. Continuing to buy goods made in China is a sure fire way to see your CHILDREN become slaves to Chinese Dictators who will own us through our debt. If the future you want for your children has them being endentured servants of Communist China, keep buying THEIR CHEAP PRODUCTS AND GOODS. We are better to live without certain items than to continue purchasing them from China...the time has come for America to again become SELF SUFFIENT.

Americans For Americans will promote ANY AMERICAN business that manufactures or sells AMERICAN GOODS and AMERICAN SERVICES. We will target and point out to our readers any companies or retail ocations identified as purchasing or selling Chinese Goods, employing illegal aliens.

You are invited to visit this new blog often as we work together to restore to Main Street Americans what they deserve...One Nation Under God, and American ruled by and for the people, instead of an America where the politicians have SOLD US OUT TO BIG BUSINESS and their World Trade Organization (one world order and economy) agenda.

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