Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pro Illegal Members of Congress...End The Debate...Send These Members of Congress Down To Defeat In 2010

Yes, I have an AGENDA...I do not care if you are Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative...what I care about, is you are against granting Amnesty to Illegal Aliens who are CRIMINALS. This is not a race issue, it is a law and order issue, it is about doing what is right FOR AMERICANS...plain and simple. The time has come to RID OUR CONGRESS of any member of congress that supports a Pathway To Citizenship for ILLEGAL ALIENS who are stealing our jobs, depressing our wages, and taking food off the tables of Americans. If you are a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, you are encourage to do all in your power to defeat these members of Congress in 2010 by organizing today. All members of Congress who support AMNESTY, support a pathway to citizenship, who are voting to go easy on ILLEGAL ALIENS in any fashion must be RUN OUT OF OFFICE. Here is the first hit list of Congression Members to target...more will follow. These members of Congress MUST NOT WIN RE-ELECTION IN 2010...ORGANIZE NOW, start putting up attack ads on You Tube now...early attacks will deplete their war chests, and give those running against them a better chance to defeat them.
Stop Illegal Alien Congressional Agenda Target List
http://www.house.gov/velazquez/ Congresswoman Velazquez

http://www.gonzalez.house.gov/ Congressman Gonzalez

http://solis.house.gov/ Congresswoman Solis

http://www.house.gov/salazar/ Congressman Salazar

http://www.house.gov/baca/ Congressman Baca

http://becerra.house.gov/HoR/ca31/home Congressman Becerra

http://www.house.gov/cardoza/ Congressman Cardoza

http://www.costa.house.gov/ Congressman Costa

http://cuellar.house.gov/ Congressman Cuellar

http://grijalva.house.gov/ Congressman Grijalva

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