Sunday, February 15, 2009


Did I Tell You Folks I LIE A LOT! Obama, President Porksalot

Remember the PROMISE OF CHANGE as Obama ran for office...remember his promises as he encouraged us to pick him instead of insider Hillary Clinton during the primaries? Remember his pledge about earmarks as he ran against McCain in the General was all a BIG FAT LIE. Forget the fact that there are earmarks into the tens of billions in this bill, lets focus in on JUST ONE.

The news has come out that Obama (during negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate bills) SECRETLY had his staff insert into the bill an EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR EARMARK for his beloved High Speed Rail! This despite his earlier public comments that High Speed Rail would not be in the Stimulus Package because the jobs it would create WERE NOT SHOVEL READY. So what changed Mr. Obama...YOU DISGUSTING LIAR!

Wake up America...the man who said publicly that there WERE NO EARMARKS in this Stimulus Bill has his OWN PERSONAL EARMARK that is work a FULL ONE PERCENT OF THE ENTIRE STIMULUS PACKAGE. Come speak to us now you two faced, double dealing forked tongue lying sack of camel dung. YOU STOLE ONE PERCENT OF THE STIMULUS, LET EDUCATION AND OTHER WORTHWHILE AREAS OF THE STIMULUS GET CUT SO YOU COULD HAVE YOUR EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR PERSONAL PRESIDENTIAL EARMARK. You sir should be IMPEACHED. When it comes to pork, you have shown yourself to be worse than a pedophile in a Walmart parking lot. You like Candy little boy?

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